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Characters: Kotetsu, "Black Tiger", and anyone who wants in
Content: More doppelganger-ness!
Location: Deck 3
Time of day: Evening
Warnings: Nothing really. Vaguely spoilerish T&B references, maybe?
Notes: Feel free to find or run into either Tiger. 

Kotetsu sprawled in his chair and yawned. His double had been going on for nearly two hours now. It was doing it's darnedest to hit every single trigger it could think of. It stood blocking the door, not planning on letting the original out anytime soon.

"You think I haven't heard this all from the tabloids? Geez, you've gotta be more original."

The double curled its lip and started to speak again.

"Yeah, yeah. Now what? I'm a terrible father, washed up as a hero, dragging Bunny down, blah, blah, blah. Know what? I've heard it all before and I know it's all crap. Been here before, remember? You can keep yelling it at me, but it doesn't change a damned thing."

The specter laughed and spoke.

"What do you mean, 'That was lame'?! That was totally cool!" Kotetsu folded his arms. "Anyway, are we done here, 'cos there are other, better things I could be doing."

The specter shrugged, then pointed his arm at his original.

"What are y-... hey, no fair!" Kotetsu tried to stand, but the specter fired first, launching a wire which wrapped around the original, pinning him to the chair.

"Where'd you get that?! Mine didn't make it here and... Wait! Come back here!"

The specter grinned, gave a mocking tip of his hat, and sauntered out onto the deck, closing the door behind him.

"Hey!" Kotetsu shouted after it, "You can't leave me like this! Get back here and...! And..." He sighed. "Never a damn camera around when you really, really need it..."
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A while later, Pinkie Pie came bouncing down the hall. She was in good spirits, having just checked up on everyone (not to mention being full of taffy), but she still was keeping her eyes open and her ears pricked for any wayward doubles. She didn't want to be caught off-guard by one of those creepies again! If she needed it, she still had her frosting gun and a few cans of whipped cream, but she was beginning to think that maaaaaaaybe they weren't really the best way to fight shadow demons.

Skipping past a shut door, her ear twitched and she drew to a stop. Was that shouting? Normally, she'd have ignored it and continued on her way, because really, she knew that sometimes people just wanted to shout and be loud. But with all the creepies around? It could mean something really bad was happening! If it was, she probably wasn't the best pony to deal with it...but she was the only one here. Walking normally now, she raised a hoof and banged on Kotetsu's door. "He-LLOOOOOOO? Anybody hooooooome?"
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Pinkie swung the door open with one hoof and peered inside, ready to grab her frosting-gun if need be. But there weren't any shades in there, at least not that she could see. There was just Kotetsu. The pony trotted over and tilted her head up at him. "What're you doing all tied up?"
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Sorry this is so short.^^;;

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Xion had taken to patrolling the two decks with living quarters, a sword she'd found on the weapons deck strapped to her waist. That was the only reason she was on Deck Three when she saw the shadow leaving a room, moving away from her--maybe it wanted her to follow? Most shadows hadn't been inclined to leave anyone they saw alone.

Torn between following the shadow and helping whoever it had left in the room, she decided on the latter. Opening the door, she was surprised to see one of the others who she hadn't really spoken to yet, tied to a chair.
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Xion recovered from her surprise in time to respond to the greeting. "Hello."

Then she set to work, quickly moving over to the chair and beginning to loosen the wire. "Did that shadow do this?"

She knew the shadows could use weapons, like Roxas's. She hadn't seen wire like this before, though--not during her time in the Organization, or on the satellite.
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This was one time Xion was glad the Organization uniform included gloves; from the way the wire was digging into hers, she had a feeling it'd be able to cut bare skin, or at least hurt. "So that was your shadow? Using your weapon against you?"

The thought made her uneasy. If their shadows could use their weapons, they were at a serious disadvantage. She tried not to let that show on her face as they both worked at the wire until he had enough room to wiggle out of it. She moved back a little to give him space to move. "There."
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Xion nodded in understanding. So the shadows could create some form of their originals weapons--she'd have to remember that. Weapons could be dealt with; she just hoped that the shadows couldn't use magic.

Seeing him free, she smiled. "No problem...Oh! I'm Xion--what's your name?"
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"Nice to meet you, too." It was too bad they couldn't talk for long. "He went down the hallway towards the stairs, I think--I couldn't see if he went up or down."
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Xion returned the grin, letting her hood fall back. "I'm sure you will."
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Xion tilted her head and looked thoughtful as she considered this logic. It sounded right. "I don't think so..."
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"Well...What sort of plan would your friend make?" Bunny was Kotestu's friend, right? If they worked together like that.
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"Well, I don't know if you can nag yourself," Not that Xion quite knew what nagging was. "But you can do everything else he would, can't you?"

Because what Kotetsu had mentioned sounded like a good plan.
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Xion smiled and started to move towards the door. "Good luck."
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Xion pulled her hood up in preparation for going back out into the hall. "I will."