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Iron Liz ([personal profile] punsofiron) wrote in [community profile] itsjustagamerp2012-01-28 11:07 pm
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Rubber duckie, you're the one~

Who: Iron Liz and YOU
What: Jacuzzi time
Where: The Rec Deck
When: A day or so after the shades are gone

Liz felt a little self-conscious heading into the recreational deck in a bathing suit. It had the disadvantage of displaying just how badly the shades did a number on her this week. At least the gash in her shoulder seemed to be healing alright, and the rest...well, it could've been far worse.

But regardless, the jacuzzi had been beckoning her for a while now, and with the shades finally all gone, as far as she could tell, now she could finally get a chance to relax.

She winced as she stepped into the hot water, easing herself in carefully. Her injuries stung in protest at first, but settled as she slowly sat down, her tired muscles conversely appreciating the hot bath. She closed her eyes and leaned back, resting her head against the wall of the tub, slowly letting herself relax.

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