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The Crusades of Team Laughter

Characters: Pinkie and 90s Kid
Time: Afternoon, after Pinkie's Pony Tutorial Song
Warnings: None.

Pinkie arrived outside 90s Kid's door fairly quickly, carrying saddlebags full of Cutie Mark Crusading tools. This mostly consisted of some prank supplies and a LOT of snacks, with her bright pink skateboard sticking out the top of one side. She wasn't really sure what the REAL Cutie Mark Crusaders used, but that seemed PERFECT for a day of cutie-mark finding!

She banged on the door, bouncing happily. This was gonna be GREAT! "90S KID! Hey 90s Kid!"
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90s Kid was still getting used to his new pony body, but he was able to at least walk now. It took him a little time to manipulate the door when Pinkie Pie knocked, but once the door opened, he flashed his biggest pony-smile and rocked back on his haunches to do what was probably his traditional pose, raising his forehooves in the air.

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"Nah, my pink friend," 90s Kid replied with a smirk, "Pop Rocks can wait until after I get THE MOST RADICAL CUTIE MARK EVER!"

A nearby Cambot overhearing this was quick to supply an appropriate response, to which 90s Kid would have totally air-guitared if he had fingers. But now for the matter at hand...where to start. That was a good question. He rubbed his chin thoughtfully with one hoof.