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Welcome to a Jurassic Lark [Open]

Characters: Riku, Sora, Kaldur, Kotetsu, anyone else...
Location: North America near the Jurassic Period inland sea.
Time of Day: Mid-day
Warnings: Dinosaurs, antics, people with restored powers...
Notes: I have dinosaur books! I don’t expect this to be scientifically accurate, but I can answer questions! This will be done party-style with no posting order required. Don't feel required to tag every sub-thread, and feel free to create your own or take control of what's happening!

The group was immediately greeted with the scent of pine. Conifers created a sweet-smelling forest, ferns poking up where one might've expected grass. An occasional ginkgo tree dotted the woods as well. However, there was also the feeling of humidity and the smell of fish and salt, what Riku knew meant there was a nearby coast. Metallic blue dragonflies slipped effortlessly through the air, sometimes dancing with each other.

With a smirk, Riku looked back at the rest of the party. It wasn't the same time period, but there was plenty to be seen, regardless. This was going to be fun.
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Re: A nest of eggs!

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It had been some time since Kaldur had been on anything remotely like a mission. Still, he had prepared as best he could. Riku said they had their abilities back when they traveled and, so, he had planned accordingly: converting a backpack into a make-shift water backpack to hold water just in case, along with putting a few provisions in the pockets...just in case. Unfortunately he had neither the skill nor the tech to configure substitute water bearers and would have to do without. He just hoped he could channel the water properly without them since it had been some time since he had tried to do so.

Kaldur was cautious, so sue him.

He turned his head at the sound of the noise. Without a word he silently followed Riku over to investigate. "It appears to be a nest," he looked around, "Eggs of this size indicate that the parents will be quiet large...and nearby if they are this close to hatching."
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Upon first arriving in the distant past, Sora had been pretty excited to be able to use his Keyblade again...it came back to him naturally, as if it'd never left. And after months aboard the same sterile look of the satellite, getting out for a breath of fresh air (literally) was worth any danger they may find themselves in.

Even if that danger was finding a nest of eggs that appeared to be hatching now. While Sora felt that he, Riku, Kaldur and the rest of the party could take on any dinos that attacked them, it was a bit of a different manner if a mommy dino attacked them because it mistakenly thought they were threatening its babies.

"Yeah...do you think it's eggs from a plant-eater or a meat-eater?" A meat-eater, they may have even more problems.
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Kotetsu was thrilled to be back on land. He was eager to try out his powers again. Maybe the time without them had improved matters? It was unlikely, but a nice thought. He didn't want to blow his cover unless absolutely necessary, though, and kept close to the others. Even though the group seemed older and responsible, he still had an instinct to be The Adult.

Kotetsu arched an eyebrow at the questions. "No idea, but maybe we outta clear out. Just in case they do eat meat. I dunno about you guys, but I don't wanna be a baby dino's first meal."
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Re: It's not as big as the pic. Also, TOUCHSTONE FILM, AKA DISNEY

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"They are eggs...we will not be able to know until they hatch...or the parents return," Kaldur replied, watching as the eggs continued to wiggle around. He looked back at Kotetsu. "It has been some time since I studied about dinosaurs, but I believe the young would be fed from their mothers scraps from what they had...the babies would be unlikely to harm us. However, herbivore or carnivore, an angry mother of an animal is not something to be messed with."

And then there was a squeak. Kaldur knelt down to examine the creature and smiled, "The good news, at least, is that it is indeed a herbivore."
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"Hey, you never know," Kotetu said with a shrug, "They could wait until you're down at their level, saying how cute they are, then AARGH! They're on your throat!"

Once he got a better look at the newborn, though, he smiled. "...okay, that's pretty cute." He took a couple of steps back, letting the others investigate. Someone had to keep an eye and ear out for mama.
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It looked like they didn't have much time to worry about the parents, as one of the eggs hatched right in front of Riku. It didn't look like one of the meat-eaters at all...just like one of the easygoing long-necked ones.

"Aww! He doesn't look mean at all!" Sora said with a smile. He didn't much heed Kotetsu's warning of how these babies could lure you in and then go for the throat, and carefully reached a hand out to try and pet its head.
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Kaldur decided not to mention that the dinosaurs would have a difficult time piercing his dense Atlantean skin. Still, the worry was pointless, these creatures would not attempt to eat them.

He shrugged at Riku's question, "That sounds right, I am not much of an expert on dinosaur identification though." Probably something he should have looked into before coming, but it seemed enough to be able to tell whether they were meat or plant eaters.

A small smirk spread over Kaldur's features, "It seems to like you, Riku."
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Kotetsu squinted at the creature, trying to determine if it was a boy or a girl. Well, at least they didn't have to worry about being eaten. Now it was a matter of if mama was going to come back and accidentally step on them.

Even so... he had to admit that the whole situation was pretty damn adorable.

"Maybe it's hungry."
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"Brontosaurus sounds right..." Sora said. It probably was a different name, but he was even worse than Riku at remembering those kinds of things. The dinosaur sniffed at his hand, but didn't bite. And there was still no sign of the parents anywhere...

Sora snickered a bit under his breath when the baby dino went up to follow Riku. "He thinks you're his mommy! You should give it some leaves to eat or something!"
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Kaldur attempted to hide his smile as the baby dinosaur continued to pursue Riku. It was difficult, but the amusement ended a little and turned to a sympathetic wince when the dinosaur mis-stepped on Riku's lap.
He smiled slightly at Sora, "It would be unwise to attempt to feed them if we do not know the correct diet. Just because it is a herbivore does not mean that all leaves are viable for it to digest. Some plants could be poison to it and we have no way of knowing."

He crossed his arms, "Still. This might be a bad idea after all. If the dinosaur thinks Riku is it's parent then we will have to separate them eventually. And the parents have yet to return." He was starting to wonder if this nest had been abandoned.
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"So, what're we gonna do about it, then?" Kotetsu asked. "Can't just leave it here or it'll be another dino's snack. Can't take it back to the satellite 'cos it'll grow up to be huge."
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...Owww. Sora winced a little at that...he was now kind of glad the baby dinosaur hadn't spotted him first. But that still left them with what to do with the dinosaur.

Sora thought for a moment...this was a tricky situation. "Maybe we can try to find its parents, and send it back to them? If we stay far enough away, they won't notice us." Sora figured that since they were herbivores, the parents had less chance of going after them anyway.
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Kotetsu's words made him think of one of his friends. Size would certainly not have stopped Superboy from trying to adopt such a creature, he thought with amusement.

"Most animals tend to have a far better sense of smell than humans, regardless. I would think they would smell us unless we managed to get downwind. But this is a nest...one would think the parents would return eventually." The problem then being how to get the little one to stay.
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Re: Catch-A-Dino. Because they can, really.

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Link had taken some steps toward being prepared as well. He'd scoured the weapons deck for a good sword. It wasn't the Goddess Sword, but it was well made and well balanced. He'd also considered provisions and gotten a makeshift pack. Unable to find a shield that he felt comfortable with, he'd dcided to go without.

Riku's comment about the small, bird-like creature got his attention in a hurry. He scanned the surroundings until his gaze fell on the small creature that had demanded the comment. It did indeed look quite bird-like... which served only to start Link thinking of his Loftwing.

For its part, the dinosaur seemed equally curious about these strangers in its territory, though it was being very cautious while trying to figure out whather or not they were threats.
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Link watched the whole affair with faint amusement, reasonably certain that he wouldn't be surprised if the little dinosaur did bite Riku. It seemed much more likely when the animal tensed at his approach. It certainly behaved like a bird.

Still watching, Link shifted his weight... and snapped a twig. Oops...
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Well this was getting interesting. What did Riku plan to do with this creature? The possible answers inlcuded simply studying it or keeping it as a pet. Either one was a good enough reason to try to help with holding onto it.

Hopefull, neither of them would manage to get bit...
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"Worth a try," Link replied, "It might show that we don't want to hurt it."

Then again, the creature might be agitated enough not to calm down any time soon. Judging by how readily feathers flew during the struggle, the animal was molting. Link wasn't sure about dinosaurs, but birds tended to be very cranky when they were molting.
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Link nodded in response and reached out to give the little animal a gentle pet on the side. It was a little startled at first at the touch and squirmed a little, but seemed to settle down when it realized he wasn't hurting it.

He had to admit that it was kind of cute in its own way.

"I wonder if it can be trained."
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"Hmm. I guess not. It might not like the satellite anyway." It was still quite a fascinating little creature, though, and a shame they might not be able to learn more about it.

Link waited until Riku stopped trying to blow the bit of feather away before obligingly removing the errant bit of plumage. He knew well enough that sometimes feathers just liked to stay put in such places and no amount of huffing and puffing would remove them. Rather than throw the feather away, though, he held onto it. Maybe they couldn't take the dinosaur, but some feathers might be fair game.
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"Hmm... The only way to know for sure would be if we could bring it with us, but..." Link eyed the small creature for a moment. The sounds it had been making before had sounded like calls of some sort. It was possible the dinosaur was a social animal and taking it from its pack or flock might be a bit cruel.

After a moment's thought, Link sighed, "It might be better off staying here. For all we know, it has young ones to look after."
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"That's an interesting thought," Link mused, watching the creature's response both when Riku let go of its muzzle and when he petted it. He gave both boy and dinosaur some space, fully expecting the animal to want to go as soon as it thought it could get away.

"We've probably the poor thing enough anyway."
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Kaldur shook his head with amusement. While he had to admit he was curious about what the others could do, he was more amused by the way they were so excited to go about demonstrating it and even filming it. It was something Wally would think to do. Still, Kaldur was up for stretching his magical abilities a little since he had not been able to in some months. His natural abilities (ie breathing underwater) had not been affected, thankfully, by whatever had brought him to the SOL but whatever magic ability let him control water or create electricity had vanished.

It would not hurt to have a little practice after so long.

"I will. I do not have much to show." He stepped forward and the black eel tattoos on his arms started to glow a soft blue. It was a little difficult without his water bearers to help channel the magic, but he managed to get the water out of the nearby river to spring up and twist into the shape up of large eel. It "slithered" around the group before he "threw" it back into the river with a grunt of effort.