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Pokemon Battle Free-For-All!

Characters: Open to anyone who wants to battle!
Content: Characters turned Pokemon beat each other up
Location: The Recreation Deck
Time of Day: All day; can extend to other days too
Warnings: Pocket monster violence, so far!

[This is a party-style log; you are welcome to tag around wherever! As with the lasertag event, you are also free to move to other areas of the Satellite if the battle takes you that way.]

[If you are planning a battle between two specific characters, please mark your thread as Closed to those characters. If you are posting an open thread for anyone to tag into, please mark your thread as Open.]

Crow was pretty excited here...he finally got to fly around the SOL on his own, like a real crow! And now that he and everyone else had turned into weird battle monsters, or 'Pokemon' as Harvey had said, there was sure to be a whole bunch of fun fights that he could watch! ...And perhaps, participate in, if he was feeling up to it. He could definitely kick Servo’s butt in these kinds of battles, anyway.

So, he had staked himself out in the rafters near the top of the recreation deck, holding a small prop microphone in his claws. If there was one thing he excelled at, it was hilarious commentary!

“Allllllrighty, let’s see who’s gonna come out on top on this week’s colorful battle monster tournament of PAIN!”

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