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Roaring Gliders

Characters: Sora and Terra
Content: Terra and Sora go back in time to show off Keyblade gliders, and end up being caught in the middle of some Roaring Twenties trouble...
Location: Starting at the Launch Deck
Time of Day: Midday...then the 1920s
Warnings: None, so far

After discussing it a bit with Terra when they went to save the Satellite from the iceberg, Sora was more interested than ever to see how a Keyblade glider worked. And since they knew they could use their abilities in the past, they could use the time machine to go back and summon the Keyblade there. Maybe Sora could even figure out how to make his own glider! He was a Keyblade Master, so surely he'd be able to try it too, right?

So, Sora waited for Terra to meet him by the time machine. They were going back to a time on this world that wasn't recent, but also wasn't too long ago, so they wouldn't have to worry about dinosaurs or anything. But then again, Sora never much thought about whether suddenly showing up on a world would disrupt the world order anyway.
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Terra arrived a few moments later. He had to admit, he was excited to get to use his keyblade again after so long and also show someone more secrets about the keyblade. It was true he wasn't a Master in title, but he had the power level and the skills. Learning about the glider had been exciting when he'd been an apprentice and he could only imagine how Sora felt.

"Did you figure out a good time period to go to?"
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"I don't foresee us facing anything we can't handle," Terra replied with a small smile. If they had their powers back when they traveled in time then there was very little two keyblade wielders couldn't handle.

Once the coordinates were set, Terra stepped into the time machine and waited for Sora. It didn't take long for it to activate and when Terra stepped out of the machine again they were in a new place. There were lots of tall skyscrapers and buildings around and the noise and bustle of a busy city. While Terra might not know it, the coordinates had placed them in Chicago during the 1920s. They were currently in a warehouse area that didn't seem to get much use.

"This is good. It doesn't look like anyone is around." Plus there was plenty of room to actually maneuver the glider and even get it hovering off the ground without too much worry of being seen.
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"First we have to summon our keyblades." Terra held out his hand and the large Earthshaker appeared. He smiled slightly. It was good to see it again after so long. He didn't let the moment linger, however, and instead set the tip of it towards the ground.

"As you probably know, the Keyblade is a weapon that responds to the user's desires and will. Part of getting the Keyblade to turn into a glider rest in the wielder's desire and need for such." Terra held the keyblade out and then tossed it into the air. For a moment there was a flash of light and the keyblade returned, only this time it was larger and resembled a bike. It flew towards them, coming to a stop in front of Terra.
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Terra resisted the urge to chuckle. His Master had never laughed at him when he had struggled with learning things. He had to be serious about this. He had to show Sora how to do it. "It's not as easy as it looks. A Keyblade glider is a difficult step and one of the last things a Keyblade wielder learns to do since it is what allows us to travel worlds. Don't think about what mine looks like either. Just as every keyblade is unique, so is every glider."

He stepped forward and tapped Sora where his heart was, "You have to think about your connection with the keyblade. The same way you summon it. That's the same connection you have to use to will it to change shape." Terra stepped back and crossed his arms. "Try again."
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It made sense that Sora was struggling. Not only was he self taught but he had never even known all of the possibilities of the keyblade. This would make things difficult but hopefully they could overcome it. Terra nodded, "Summoning is probably the first thing anyone with a keyblade learns to do. It becomes second nature. It can be hard to learn how to make the glider after that, but it's the next progression and it relies on that connection to your heart to do so."

"Hmm," Terra paused to consider that. "My Master's was styled after a horse. I knew I wanted something I could control like that and ride but I didn't want it to be old fashioned and everyone's glider tends to be a little different anyway. Master had us look at different kinds of vehicles and modes of transport to get an idea of what the possibilities were. After awhile I found motorcycles and thought those were pretty cool looking. They had the same kind of balance and design as a horse, only as a machine and it was sleeker. When I was finally able to summon my glider that's what came about. It needs to be something you can feel comfortable with controlling."
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Terra didn't say anything as he waited for Sora to figure out his glider. He had faith that the boy would though and, sure enough, the new glider drifted down. Terra raised an eyebrow at the appearance. It was eerily similar to Ven's. Part of him wasn't surprised by that, but it really was uncanny the connections Ven shared with Sora and Roxas. He wondered if Roxas would also summon a skateboard-like glider.

"Good job. Now comes the fun part." Terra stepped towards his own glider which waited patiently. He hopped on it like it was the most natural thing in the world and then steered it to face Sora and his glider, "Let's see how you handle it."
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Terra sat on his glider, patiently waiting for Sora to get his balance. Well, that part was settled. Terra nodded.

"You mostly just have to think of which way you want to go and the glider will do the rest. What's great is you don't have to worry about kicking it like a regular skateboard it moves with its own energy. The glider will do what you need it to."

Terra spun his own glider around in demonstration, "Let's take a lap around the warehouse so you can get the hang of it, alright. See if you can keep up." Terra grinned and pulled his glider up. If it had been a real bike he would have been popping a wheelie. He then sped off parallel to the warehouse and didn't look back. His might have been modeled after a bike, but all gliders could move as fast as their user wanted them to. Sora would catch up...if he figured that out...if not Terra would see him again in a few minutes after he'd completed his lap.
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The wind blew through Terra's hair and even if the air smelled foul from all the smog it felt great to be on his glider and racing again. He didn't bother looking over his shoulder to see if Sora was coming, he just took the next turn around the warehouse, weaving around some empty crates and canisters, before something caught his eye and he slammed on the brakes.

Frowning he pulled the glider around and drifted back to the pier he had just passed leading away from the docks. There was an old timey car parked there and several thugs were climbing out, one of whom had a girl tied up pretty good.

"Let me go! My father will NEVER pay you the money!"

"Well then toots looks like you won't be staying here long then will ya."

Terra didn't like the look of this. He hadn't been spotted yet but he certainly wasn't going to hide while these thugs bullied a poor young woman. He hoped off his glider and reverted it back to the keyblade. Terra didn't even think about waiting for Sora, he just stepped forward, "Hey! Let her go!"

One of the thugs looked up. He wore a white trilby with a red band around it that went perfectly with his white suit and red tie. He tipped the hat back, his whole demeanor screamed "cocky jerk." Green eyes met Terra's blue ones and the man smirked, "Mind yer own business hero. What're you gonna do? Throw the key to the city at us? This dame here and her pa owes me money, see? Just business. Now scram before I put some holes in ya that even that ridiculous key of yours can't close."
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"Well, well," the man said, "Now we got two boys with the fancy keys. Gentlemen, I believe we're gonna have to take our business elsewhere." He shoved his hands in the pockets of his pants and turned, strolling with one of his thugs back to the car. However, two of them did not depart and instead leveled the guns at Sora and Terra. "Make sure they don't follow."

"Oh no you don't!" Terra shouted and threw the keyblade at one of the men getting ready to shoot them. He was hit square in the chest and went flying back before Terra reclaimed the blade He then made a run at the other goon and knocked him down as well.

The squeal of tires and the smell of burning rubber marked the sign, however, that they were too late.
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Terra merely nodded once at Sora before throwing his keyblade again. However, instead of flying off in attack it merely swung back, shifting into the shape of his glider. Terra jumped right on and sped off after Sora and the escaping car.

"This might get dangerous Sora! Be careful" He shouted to the other boy. They'd barely managed testing this but what good was a keyblade Master for if not to protect innocent people?

Terra didn't want to lose the car so he took off after it. They must have spotted him, however, because before too long another goon stuck his head out the window and started shooting at Terra. He winced and willed the glider's barrier to activate and made sure to pull in front of Sora. He hadn't had time to explain barriers and attacks working to Sora so he had to make sure his friend was protected from the fire of bullets.
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If Sora couldn't call up a barrier he probably hadn't figured out how to attack. "We need to pull up beside them and direct them off the road. Ram the car if you have to."

Terra pulled forward on his glider. He hoped Sora realized they needed to be careful and not injure anyone inside, Terra could probably disable the car, but Sora was still new to the glider thing. He had to trust in Sora though, the kid was a fast learner. As long as he remembered the glider was just the keyblade, an extension of himself, he would be fine.

The goons continued to fire and Terra was forced to pull his barrier up again. Still, he was gaining on the car and he just hoped Sora would pull up soon.
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Terra eased to the other side of the car as Sora moved his own glider. The knock meant they were trying to fire any more and Terra pulled along and helped steer the car so that it wouldn't flip as they drove it off road. He also managed to hit it once with a well placed Skid Charge, which managed to blow out one of the tires.

It wasn't long after that the car started to slow down, unable to effectively drive with one less tire. Terra scowled at the driver's side window, "Now release the girl."
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No one moved. Finally it seemed the driver was going to be forced out to negotiate and a gun was given to him as well. Terra frowned, bringing his own keyblade back to its weapon form. "Well?"

The man looked back at the car as more of the goons piled out along with the white suited guy, "Hey. You know what. This dame ain't worth it. You can have'er."

He reached into the car and yanked her out before shoving her to the ground. It was unnessary but at least she was safe. Terra still couldn't help but scowl at them though and stepped forward to help the woman, "Are you all right, miss?"
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The woman was shaken but otherwise unharmed. Terra knelt behind her and started working on the rope that was binding her. When he was done he put a hand on her shoulder and nodded, "We can take you back to your father if you let us know where he is. We'll make sure those thugs don't get you again."

The woman takes a deep shaky breath, though she still can't help but let tears stream down her face. "Thank you."
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The woman nods, wiping the tears away. "I can give you directions. He lives in town."

Terra stood up and tossed his keyblade again, returning it to glider form. "You can ride behind me, all right? Don't be afraid." The woman seemed in awe of the bike, though Terra couldn't really blame her. It was probably the first time she'd seen something like that.

"Sora. Do you want to stay here for follow us?"
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"Great. It'll give you more practice."

Not that Sora needed a whole lot it seemed since he was picking it up pretty well. He then turned back to the woman and helped her up onto the bike before getting on himself and telling her to hold on to him.

Everything now situation, Terra turned his bike towards the city and the woman gave him a basic set of directions to start out with. He made the request to try and stay to back roads and alleys to avoid too much attention and the woman obliged.
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Terra slows the bike to a stop and hops off, "So this is it?"

"Yes. Thank you again for all you've done," the woman said, as Terra helped her off the bike. She looked over to Sora and smiled, "Both of you."

Terra bowed his head slightly, "It's just what we do. You should get inside. We'll stay here until then."

She looked like she wanted to insist on them coming in or something, opening her mouth to say so but then she hesitated as she realized she would have no way of explaining the curious events that had occurred. So, she nodded and waved to them both before heading to the house. Terra wasn't going to leave until she was inside so he leaned against his glider, "Well that was fun."