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Alterations [Closed, active]

Characters: Rarity and Riku
Content: Shippy discussion and tailoring!
Location: Rarity's room.
Time of Day: Early afternoon
Warnings: Shipping?

After the third shirt he'd tried on from his wardrobe, Riku finally found something that still fit. It was strange to think he'd started a growth spurt while he'd been away from the SOL, and he really didn't notice a height difference. His pant legs and shirt lengths were about the same. However, things didn't fit him in the shoulders quite as well. With the way he'd grown, plus his affinity for sleeveless attire, the seemingly slight change now resulted in discomfort around the arms and shoulders (or in the case of one shirt that'd already been tight, a ripped seam). It didn't help that he liked those shirts.

So he brought them to the one person he knew could help, or possibly make him something if he couldn't find anything on the theatrical deck. After all, a few of those shirts were ones she'd designed for him. ...Man did he owe her a favor. Bundle of shirts in hand,Riku reached up and gave the door to Rarity's room a knock.

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