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Bullets and Knives and Explosions, Oh My!

Characters: OPEN!
Content: Cartoon War!
Location: Recreation Deck
Time of Day: Afternoon
Warnings: Cartoon violence, most likely. OPEN TAGGING. Start subthreads, threadjack, DO WHATEVER YOU WANT.

The poor theatrical deck has been... trashed a lot, lately. It doesn't deserve to be even more messed up, despite the fact that everything that goes wrong this week seems to be fixed in less than five minutes. It's the principle of the thing.

So Zidane has hauled a bunch of stuff from the theatrical deck to the recreation deck instead - well, "hauled" as in "used one of those convenient black-hole portals to throw crates through. Most of this stuff was completely new and complete incomprehensible to him, which of course meant that he had to try it out. Even early in the week stuff had been spilled all over the theatrical deck after "experiments." But the time finally came to do a little more than that - namely, get other people involved, because this stuff is just crazy and fun. So with a mischevious grin that Squall and Garnet would have recognized far too easily, Zidane had spilt open and scattered around the contents of a bunch of the ACME crates around the sports equipment - and then he'd gone to Cambot.

"Hey everyone, if you're not too chicken - come on up to the rec deck and we'll see if we can't make this homonym mean something."

When people show up, they'll find banana peels (stolen from the cafeteria), mousetraps, hammers, black holes, dynamite, xylophones rigged with dynamite, blinking signs that change words from one second to the next, odd masks, guns, and all sorts of other things absolutely everywhere and ready to cause some trouble, with a constant looping soundtrack in the background.
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Epsilon wasn't chicken. Not that he really could manipulate the stuff...

But he couldn't resist a challenge like that. At least, it was worth the look. Not like all the cartoon weirdness would hurt him, after all.
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If there was one thing Sora couldn't resist, it was a call for competition. Not that he knew what a homonym was, but he figured he could find out later. The important part was just proving his worth here! He didn't know what to expect, but in this strange form, at least injuries would (hopefully) be less of a problem.

Upon arriving on the recreation deck, he stumbled across a box of rather large mousetraps. Sora picked one up, examining it...what were these for? Were there really that many mice on the Satellite?
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Xion might not have been as competitive as her original, but a challenge was a challenge, and she'd been going to the rec deck anyway. So she arrived not long after Zidane's announcement.
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Oh, Dagger knew that grin, and it never meant anything good. So, despite her discomfort in her... odd new appearance (all of her curves had been emphasized, with her extremities reduced to nearly twigs) She had marched her way up to the Recreational Deck, intent on possibly stopping any un-due chaos.

"Zidane, what are yo--"

Unfortunately, that was all the further she got. Poor girl had been so intent on Zidane, that she'd failed to see the chaos that laid before her. Her first step onto the deck -- directly onto a banana peel -- set off a terrible chain reaction. With a shriek, she slid across the floor, somehow propelling her into one of the strategically placed black holes. No worries though, because two seconds later, she fell OUT of another one, despite the laws of physics, falling head-first into a mouse trap. The offensive thing snapped shut on her nose, launching a conveniently placed mallet into the air. Yelping in pain, Dagger pried the metal and wooden contraption for her now red, obviously throbbing nose, just in time for the hammer to come crashing down on the top of her head.

Little blue birds flew around her head, dodging through a ring of sparkling stars, and twittering away. The mousetrap was all but forgotten.
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Oh no he didn't. Liz knew the cartoon tropes as well as anybody and she wasn't going to let anyone get one up on her. Perhaps she could pull a few of her own tricks on Zidane if she can catch up with him.

With a sort of sliding violin sound, she craned her neck around the corner and tip-toed carefully through the field of traps, pizzicato strings accompanying each footfall.