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Twenty-third Link

Characters: Namine, Amaterasu, Chibiterasu
Content: Field trip to the Louvre
Location: The Louvre. Paris, France. Circa the 1990's.
Time of Day: Early afternoon.
Warnings: Artwork.

Namine hadn’t thought she’d use the time machine. With the exception of Kaldur, Aqua, and Twilight Sparkle’s expeditions to find good books, most of the others seemed to use it for adventures. While she enjoyed hearing their stories after they got back (even if she worried), she was usually well content to wait for them while they were gone.

That was before she’d found about something called an art museum. She hadn’t known that people on this world collected art to display, simply because it was pretty. Some of the pictures in the book had seemed interesting, and a museum seemed safe enough from how she’d heard that sort of place described. The worst was that it might be crowded, and the snacks far too expensive.

Still it seemed best to have some company, and Amaterasu seemed like the one who would most enjoy this sort of excursion. Taking her without asking Chibi along as well seemed cruel, though, so she’d decided to see about getting all three of them there.

The main problem was that, from what she could tell, animals weren’t allowed in museums. Finally, she’d gotten some help finding information about something called a “therapy dog.” Amaterasu had seemed amused at the idea of playing the part of one, with Chibi along as her puppy training for the same kind of work.

That settled, it was time to go. At first, they’d see if all three of them could go through with her carrying Chibi. If that didn’t work, Amaterasu would wait while she went back for Chibi.

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