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Characters: Minako and OPEN
Content: Minako is frustrated and accidentally leaves something out in the open. Hilarity Surprise ensues - and perhaps some color.
Location: The cafeteria deck.
Time of Day: Late night.
Warnings: Possible angst.

She couldn't do it.

Every time she tried, her hand would suddenly jerk. When she tried to erase, her work would smudge. Every time.

Another attempted picture of her friends back home ruined. And every time she looked up at the clock...aah, it felt maddening. Things that took forever for her to do suddenly took forever. Like in Pluto's time stop. Everything was stopped.

Why was this affecting her so much? She wanted to fight. She wanted to continue fighting, to stop the Mads. It shouldn't have been so hard. She'd been doing it for over a year. And then, suddenly, when things became black and white, it got...harder. She began to feel like giving up. She'd never see her friends again, so what was the point? No. No, she would. She'd remember their faces. She'd fight for the chance for everyone to see their loved ones--

--and yet simple stick drawings of her friends in her diary turned to crud. Even simply writing, she had no control. Five pages of "Everything is swell!" "Everything is shiny!" "I have never been happier!" No matter how hard she tried.

Finally, she'd had it. In frustration and anger, she swatted her diary and her drink away, causing both to fly off her table. The drink shattered; the diary fell on the floor, half open, with bits and pieces of paper falling out of them underneath.

Like a kid with a temper tantrum. A powerless kid. Not like the leader she was supposed to be. The person who saved her friends and loved ones, who was a soldier of love.

Minako stood up, her face in her hands. She needed to stop. She needed some air. She needed to breathe and relax. Take a walk. And when she came back, the diary would go back to her room with her and the glass would be cleaned up as if she were never there. She'd be back to her chipper self in the morning and no one would suspect a thing.

And so she left, certain no one else was up at such a late hour.

The diary - her secret diary, a thing she kept hidden even from Cambot - remained.

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