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Planet of the Dinosaurs: The Science: The Musical - [Open]

Characters: Sora, Riku, Roxas and Liz, but open to others who want to watch/comment in a separate subthread
Content: A group of four puts on a skit to raise some spirits both on and off the ship!
Location: The top deck
Time of Day: Evening
Warnings: Absolute silliness

Sora was pretty pleased with their setup, considering the fact that they didn't have any of their usual art supplies available, and had made do with flowers, grasses and mud. True, their signage and painted trees were pretty messy (some of it was even still dripping), but at least you could read what everything was. Namine and Aqua had done a pretty good job for all of it. And they'd also managed to whip up some pretty good costumes for Riku, Roxas and Liz.

As for himself, Sora had dug out a scientist's lab coat from the theatical deck before it had been shut, which was a lucky break...and the groucho glasses he'd already had in his pocket. With that setup and his already-wild hair, he didn't have to work that hard to pull off a parody of Dr. Forrester.

"Welcome, everyone!" He addressed the couple of Cambots hovering nearby, which he knew would be addressing the rest of the Satellite and those on earth, too. He'd at least picked up a bit of how the Bots did their theatrics. "We're going to explain to you the amazing process of evolution in people, and in dinosaurs!"
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As far as aim, Riku considered it, but this served as a decent warning shot. It was also fortunate for Roxas because with those comments, Riku's sympathy would have been lacking and he might've insisted that the "show must go on." Sora's initial comment earned him a glare, and a twist of his own "tail" as a threat that he could get whipped too.

Riku grumbled when Sora suggested the song. "Can and WILL are two different things," he muttered. Originally they'd planned for them all to sing this at some point in their impromptu skit, but apparently that'd been changed, and there wasn't much he could do about it. Grouchily he picked up the guitar again and began to play. His voice was mediocre, but at least his guitar skills were good.

"Many years ago
when the earth was much younger,
there were no human beings around.
When the dinosaurs walked the ground
shook with thunder.
It was a terrible sound.

What happened to the dinosaurs?
How did they grow?
Were they stronger, quite bold, or sharp as I've been told?
I guess you soon will know, know, know, know!
I guess you soon will know!

Many were quite large,
very quick or much stronger.
They needed more than being just buff.
When the dinosaurs knew their stuff
they lived longer.
Smartness just wasn’t so rough

What happened to the dinosaurs?
How did they grow?
Were they stronger, quite bold, or sharp as I've been told?
I guess you soon will know, know, know, know!
I guess you soon will know!

Since dinos had brains
It was a revolution.
They’d grown superior and advanced.
When the dinosaurs wore the pants
in evolution, (Riku shot a look at the other two)
Humans hadn’t a chance

That happened to the dinosaurs!
Now can I go?
They were stronger, quite bold, and sharp I've been told!
I guess that you now know, know, know, know!
Man, this is really low."
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Roxas wasn't really sure what to make of this. He hadn't expected Riku to sing either. He may, however, have had an easier time keeping a straight face than Sora did. It was at least partially because he didn't want to get towel snapped again. His next line might still get him in trouble, but they were basically improvising now anyway.

"Yes, that was informative and entertaining. But, it seems like the dinosaurs are still pretty mean." Yes, he was thinking of the red mark he probably had from that towel snap.

He also noticed the color. By participating in the skit, Riku was definitely being defiant. He was uncomfortable in more ways than one and Roxas had been wondering if discomfort factor in somehow. Or rather, comfort zones and leaving them.

Still, Riku singing a silly song about dinosaur evolution was something Roxas would probably never forget...
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Honestly Riku almost hadn't done it. That being said, both Sora and Roxas where going to get it later, though what was going to be done, he didn't know. But SOMETHING would be done.

At Roxas's comment, Riku grabbed his "tail" and swung it around. Well, if he had to sing a song, talking wasn't breaking character, was it?

"You bet we were. We had to survive dealing with those annoying little mammals. Maybe there's a song about how they survived? Surely some MAMMALS could perform that."
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