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Planet of the Dinosaurs: The Science: The Musical - [Open]

Characters: Sora, Riku, Roxas and Liz, but open to others who want to watch/comment in a separate subthread
Content: A group of four puts on a skit to raise some spirits both on and off the ship!
Location: The top deck
Time of Day: Evening
Warnings: Absolute silliness

Sora was pretty pleased with their setup, considering the fact that they didn't have any of their usual art supplies available, and had made do with flowers, grasses and mud. True, their signage and painted trees were pretty messy (some of it was even still dripping), but at least you could read what everything was. Namine and Aqua had done a pretty good job for all of it. And they'd also managed to whip up some pretty good costumes for Riku, Roxas and Liz.

As for himself, Sora had dug out a scientist's lab coat from the theatical deck before it had been shut, which was a lucky break...and the groucho glasses he'd already had in his pocket. With that setup and his already-wild hair, he didn't have to work that hard to pull off a parody of Dr. Forrester.

"Welcome, everyone!" He addressed the couple of Cambots hovering nearby, which he knew would be addressing the rest of the Satellite and those on earth, too. He'd at least picked up a bit of how the Bots did their theatrics. "We're going to explain to you the amazing process of evolution in people, and in dinosaurs!"
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There is someone else there, but she is in the back, in the shadows. After what happened, she wasn't sure if being up front was the best idea. Especially with Sora leading the charge. So she is in the far other corner, watching quietly.

Though, that doesn't mean the people doing the skit can't notice her.
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All things considered, this was... probably going to be every bit as messed up as Roxas was expecting. At least Roxas hadn't ended up as a dinosaur. That didn't look to be a particularly comfortable costume at all. And 'costume' was a term being used very, very loosely. He did have to give credit where it was do, though, given what they had to work with.

He wasn't sure he liked playing a scientist (or something resembling one) either, but it seemed like the lesser of two evils. So he sucked it up and tried his best to play along, "We even have some visual aids for you!"

It had only just started and he already knew that having to act like an idiot grated on his nerves big time. The best he could do was tell himself there was a very good reason they were doing this and even if it was aggravating, it would (hopefully) be worth it.
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Post performance

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The first thing Riku did was to grab a towel and clean the mud off his face and hair. There was only modest success, as much of it had dried already, and anything short of a shower would do an excellent job of ripping his hair out. He chipped away at some on his arms, grimacing slightly as it pulled the finer hairs of his arm.

But at least it was over. A little of his color had been restored in the process, but it was a shame it was at the cost of a good bit of his dignity.