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halfdarkened ([personal profile] halfdarkened) wrote in [community profile] itsjustagamerp2013-02-09 03:46 am
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Characters: Riku('s Diary) and whoever wants to find his diary.
Content: Riku manages to leave his diary in an open area.
Location: Vending Machine Hall
Time of Day: Morning
Warnings: Angst, information, pettiness, whining and dirt.

What a time for Sora to demand something! Riku had just put down his satchel and the take-out he'd had delivered when his self-proclaimed supervisor ordered him elsewhere with the threat of physical harm if he wasn't fast. Neither willing to risk Sora looking through his satchel nor willing to risk Sora giving him a brow beating, Riku tossed his bag in a corner, hoping in vain no one would notice.

Such a shame his sweet and sour chicken would get cold.

The edge of a red book with a gold lock poked out of his satchel. And someone in a hurry hadn't locked it...

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