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Characters: Harvey and whoever
Content: Mirror Finevoice amuses himself
Location: Laboratory
Time of Day: Afternoon
Warnings: Imminent animal cruelty?

It's no secret that Harvey hates this place. He hates bein' underground, constantly surrounded by a bunch of snot-nosed brats. And frankly, he's beginning to think that the experiment itself is a waste of time.

Luckily, that experiment was never his main interest down here in the first place. Harvey knocks back another shot and fires one of the new guns, his aim still quite steady despite the bottle at his side bein' half-empty. There's a burst of blue plasma and the smell of burnt hair, and across the room a slightly singed black rabbit bolts beneath a table with a shriek. Harvey chuckles and sets that gun aside, readying another of the experimental weapons. Say what you will about Nelson, but those weapons he comes up with are pretty damn great. And now someone's even left him a new target in his room - how thoughtful.
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The only thing worse to Amaterasu than being stuck in a big metal box in space was being stuck in a cold cave completely underground, with no sky to see at all. And as if that wasn't bad enough, it seemed like far too many of her former friends had suddenly become evil and cruel. It was as if they'd all stepped through a mirror! She wished more than anything that Perry or Maes or Chibi was here...aside from Pinkie Pie, she wasn't sure yet who was still normal. She just knew she had to be careful.

While sniffing around the laboratory, she heard the sound of a weapon being fired, and then a distant animal cry. Ears perked up and fur standing on end, she wandered a bit closer...if there was one thing she couldn't stand, it was seeing animals being hurt.

And looking inside, that was just what she saw. Harvey was targeting his own pet rabbit! This was something she just had to stop! Forgetting much about trying to keep her cover, she bolted inside, around Harvey, and dashed under the table after the rabbit. The rabbit tried to scramble out of the way, but she was well-practiced in catching swift animals, so she snatched up the rabbit by the scruff on its neck, causing it to immediately go limp.
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Meanwhile, Liz had also heard the gunshot and scream and came running down the hall as fast as she could. God damn this universe!

By the time she arrived, Amaterasu had grabbed the poor frightened rabbit, so she instead set her attention on Harvey, practically tackling the weapon in his hands to force it away from him, or at least set its sights away from anyone else. She grimaced at the smell of alcohol on him and scowled.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?!"
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Yikes, she could almost taste the thunderbolt on that one! More than anything, Ammy wished that she had her brushes and divine instrument right now...power slash and some well-timed veil of mist were just what she needed. But for now, she'd have to get out of this on her own wits--

And then Liz entered the scene, grabbing Harvey's gun away. That probably saved her hide, but also made things more complicated. She could try and bolt again if needed, but now she couldn't leave Liz behind. And keeping Frank in her mouth limited her options, too.

She began to slowly circle back around towards the door, growling low in her throat as a warning to 'keep your distance!' With luck, she could make it back to the door with the rabbit and then Liz could step out, too. She kept a careful eye on Harvey's weapon, though, knowing she may have to dodge at any moment.
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Liz planted her feet as Harvey shoved her back, stumbling a little with the heavy weapon in her hands, but at least she had it.

Though now he had another one trained on her, at which she pointed the electrical ray back at him. She prayed she wouldn't have to use it, but she couldn't stay exposed, he was right about that much.

"Yeah, well so is bringing booze to a gun fight." She gave him a very pointed glare at that. She'd never known Harvey to get completely wasted, let alone try shooting at anything while drunk. But she knew trying to talk sense into him wouldn't work, if he's caught the evil bug going around this universe. But she didn't want to fight him either.

She glanced briefly at Ammy, hoping there was a third option somewhere in there.
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Fortunately, a third option was just about to arrive. Perhaps not the best third option, given it largely involved fighting Harvey anyway but Aqua had heard the gunshot as well, and the only reason that she hadn't been there right away was the fact that she'd stopped to grab her wooden Keyblade. She wasn't going to count on it to be a great weapon when there was already something being fired but it had to be better than nothing.

What she found when she turned the corner wasn't exactly encouraging, but she wasn't about to let anyone else know that. As long as she was there, she'd help her friends and that was all that mattered right now.

"She's right," Aqua answered as she stepped up behind Liz and Ammy. "This isn't the time to be fighting."
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So, it looked like Aqua hadn't gone evil, too. That was good news, at least in the long run...but there was still Harvey to deal with. And she trusted that Harvey could outshoot Liz.

She exchanged glances with Aqua and Liz, hoping that her look said 'I don't want to fight, either!' With the rabbit still in her jaws, she wasn't in much position to, anyway. She continued to back away towards the door, still growling. She just wanted to get the rabbit out of danger and talk with Liz and Aqua somewhere else.
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Liz's eyes narrowed as Harvey lowered the gun, recognizing that look in his face - usually it was reserved for Shades or Mechakara. She tried to anticipate his attack, knowing he was going to take that shot, and started to jump out of the way.

But it wasn't a quick enough reaction. The red beam zipped past her, grazing her knee as she hit the floor. She could already feel blood seeping down her leg as she scrabbled to sit up, grabbing for the gun again. She had seen it almost fry Ammy and Frank already...she didn't want to have to do that to Harvey. But unless there was a quick solution now, she may have to consider it.
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Well, that wasn't a comforting sight. On the other hand, it was also a fairly decent suggestion as to just what Harvey thought of the suggestion that they not fight. With both Liz and Ammy unable to fight to their full potential, it was also fairly obvious that whatever happened next was up to her, and she wasn't exactly willing to go up against Harvey's weapon with only a wooden Keyblade to her name.

Fortunately, she didn't need to, given that Liz had dropped the gun that she'd been using. Sure, she didn't much know how to use one, but that didn't stop her from bending down to pick it up, Keyblade all but clattering to the ground next to her as she did so.

She didn't waste any time in using it either, once she was certain she had a good hold on it, firing not so much at Harvey but at the gun he was holding. What might happen was something she couldn't begin to say, but at least it was relatively likely to take care of the most immediate threat.
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Well. That certainly escalated quickly. Pretty much the moment Harvey aimed and fired at Liz, Ammy moved into action, too. She darted towards the far end of the lab with Frank, located a sturdy metal box, and quickly tipped the box over the rabbit. She tried to give it an encouraging feel as she did least the rabbit would feel more secure hidden inside something, and should hopefully be safe.

She turned to see Harvey lunging for Aqua's gun, having dropped his own. Taking the opportunity while Harvey was unarmed, she immediately ran back over, jumped up and clamped her jaws shut around his arm. She didn't bite hard enough to break anything, but it was enough for her to have a good grip on his arm, and probably to draw some blood.
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Liz allowed Aqua to take the gun, relieved that she took a nonvital shot, just getting the gun out of Harvey's hands. Gritting her teeth against the wound in her leg she pushed herself up to her feet, taking advantage of the distraction from Ammy and Aqua to step forward and punch Harvey in the face.
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Between Ammy firmly holding on to Harvey's arm and Liz getting more than a little up close and personal with him, there was no way that Aqua was going to risk another shot. Not when she'd seen the sort of damage that even a glancing blow could cause.

Not that she was going to lower the gun even the slightest, of course. As long as there was still a reasonable reason to do so, she was going to go right on training the gun at Harvey.

"Do you have anything to say for yourself?"
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Ouch, that punch looked like it hurt. And then Ammy felt that hurt herself when Harvey turned and punched her in the face. She let out a yelp, but since she already had a tight hold on his arm, it wasn't quite enough for her to let go completely.

She'd had just about enough of this. They couldn't risk Harvey trying to kill any of them any more.

Ammy clamped down even harder on his arm, jumped up and twisted around, and proceeded to flip Harvey completely over her head and slam him into the ground.
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Liz winced as Harvey hit the floor. Okay, note to self; never piss off Amaterasu.

Okay, so he was down for the count. Now to keep him out of trouble. Liz looked around the laboratory quickly, finding a coil of rope hanging off the wall nearby and plucking it off the hook.

"Thanks guys," she said to Ammy and Aqua as she bent over Harvey, "I don't think I could've taken him on myself." she paused to check the singer's pulse, assuring herself that Ammy hadn't just snapped his neck, then carefully rolled him onto his stomach and started work tying his hands behind his back.
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That was certainly one way to deal with the problem, and one that Aqua wouldn't have expected in the least. But there was no denying that it had been effective, and that was enough. She didn't put the gun down entirely just yet, but she did finally relax her hold on it until it was pointing at the ground.

No doubt they'd need to find something to do with that as well, but that was something that could be dealt with once Harvey had been properly tied up.

"I'm not sure any of us could have taken him on alone."
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Amaterasu released Harvey's arm and shook her head out as soon as he went down. She really didn't like to do that, but in this case it seemed necessary. They would have to do something about this, because once Harvey came to again, he'd likely try even harder to get them.

At least it looked like Liz had begun tying him up. She sniffed around the lab until she located a couple more cords, picked them up, and brought them over for Aqua to use. The more they constrained him, the better.

With that underway, she also turned back towards where Frank was still hiding under the box...she'd have to find someplace safe to squirrel away Harvey's pet.
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Liz wasn't the best knot-tyer in the world, but she did the best she could.

"This probably won't hold him forever. Is one of the cages in the animal lab empty?"
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It would have to do, and even Aqua wasn't the greatest at it. She wasn't exactly bad at it, but as far as keeping someone tied up went, well. It would do, but who knew for how long.

"I think there might have been an empty one," she answered, after a moment of consideration.
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A cage would probably be the best thing, as much as Ammy didn't like them. It seemed like they had to resort to a lot of unpleasant things just to deal with these evil versions of their friends. She began to sniff around the lab for a cage that looked big enough to actually hold a human.

Eventually, she discovered one back in the corner of the lab, partially covered in tarp. Strangely enough, the cage smelled kind of familiar...

She looked back towards Aqua and Liz, indicating that they could try to bring Harvey over here.
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Finishing her last few knots, Liz looked over to where Ammy was sniffing around, and nodded.

"Alright. Can you get his legs?" she asked Aqua, starting to grab Harvey under the arms to lift him.

"This is starting to get insane. We should try to figure out who's still normal around here and try to make a plan to get out of this mess."
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"Sure," Aqua answered as she moved to grab hold of Harvey's legs. It probably would have been more than a little undignified had he been conscious, but that's not currently a problem.

"I agree. Especially if he's any indication of what might happen otherwise."
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Ammy watched as the two women carried the tied-up Harvey over to the cage, and placed him inside. This was going to be terribly awkward once he woke up again.

She gave them a look that said she agreed. They had to get out of this universe as soon as they could!
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Harvey was definitely not the lightest thing around. Liz was thankful she had Aqua's help to get him in the cage, and that mister Finevoice was unconscious for this. With some effort, she lead the way over and they set him down on the old worn out blanket inside.

"Whew." Liz shook out her arms, catching her breath as started to shut the door, locking the cage up. She noted the ring of keys hanging nearby and promptly plucked it off its hook, sticking it in her pocket.

"I'll take first watch; I don't trust him not to try anything funny once he wakes up."

And she took a seat by Amaterasu, scratching her behind the ears. "How's the bunny?"
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"Right," Aqua answered with a nod. Given what they'd seen him attempt, it was probably just as well that they not even bother to give him the benefit of doubt as far as these things went. If that meant keeping watch, then so be it.
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That ear scratch was definitely welcome. It'd been awhile since she'd gotten one, and after that fight, it was nice to have a little comfort.

At the question, she walked back over to the box and nudged it up, where Frank was still waiting inside. She grabbed him up in her mouth before he could scurry away again, and brought him over to Liz and Aqua to show them. Aside from frightened out of its wits, the rabbit at least didn't look much worse for the wear.
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Liz frowned sympathetically at the quivering rabbit, and offered her hands to take him from Amaterasu. His fur was a little singed, but otherwise he looked fine. She cuddled Frank close to her chest, petting his fur gently, then gave Ammy another scratch behind the ears.

"Do you think you can sniff out the others who aren't affected by this? I think it's time we got a plan together."
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Aqua wasn't really certain that there'd be any way to tell who was and wasn't affected by scent alone. But then again, she certainly wasn't Amaterasu, and she supposed that if anyone would be able to tell it would probably be her.

"I agree," she offered, with a nod. "The sooner we can be out of here, the better."
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Ammy looked a little bit may be possible, but she didn't want to trust her sense of smell alone in trying to figure out who was and wasn't evil. For the most part, everyone smelled the same as always...and that in turn made some of this even more awful. However, she was determined to help any way she could.

For starters, she did want to make sure she could hide away (or even release) some of the other animals trapped here.