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Xion herself had been laying low this week, and having a bit more success at it than some others. If Riku's reaction to her were any indication, that could be because the version of her here that she'd replaced didn't resemble her that much. At some point maybe she could figure out a way to use that to her advantage, but she'd have to be sure of who else hadn't been replaced by this world's version of themselves.

At least she'd managed to confirm that Namine was still herself. Since the incident with Riku, they'd been sticking together, so they both heard the sounds of what seemed to be Roxas, Sora, and Ven fighting. They'd approached cautiously, but that faded into worry when they found Roxas lying on the floor, obviously badly hurt. "Roxas?!"

Namine's hand on her arm kept her at a safe distance, but the concern would be fairly obvious on her face.

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