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Neither Xion nor Namine had any idea of how the mirror version of Roxas behaved. All they had to go on was that somehow the mirrored Xion looked different, so anyone who recognized the real one for who she was probably was their original self. A small clue, yes, but enough to reassure them enough for Namine to relax and Xion the freedom to get to work patching Roxas up.

She hissed in sympathy when she saw how bad a state he was in up close. If they'd been on a mission, she'd have used a Cure or Potion before he'd gotten this badly hurt. The cuts and scrapes could be tended to easily enough with a first-aid kit, or even soap and water if that was all that was available. Cracked ribs could be dealt with using some makeshift bandaging and lots of rest. With how badly bruised the wrist was, a break wasn't impossible, so she gently started moving it to confirm. It would probably hurt, but if it was broken, it should be set soon, so they needed to know.

What really worried her was the lack of responsiveness. It could indicate a head injury, which meant they needed him to stay awake and trying to communicate. "Okay, Roxas, you're not going to like this, but I need you to stay awake. Can you focus your eyes on me or Namine?"

Xion mentioned Namine because the she'd come to sit beside them and offer what help she could.

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