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Whatever the case, at least he wasn't fighting them and making the situation worse. Then again, Xion had never known him to turn down help unless he really felt it unnecessary, and both of them knew injuries like this were nothing to brush off.

When it came to experience with injuries, Xion and Roxas had been part of the former group. Missions had never been what anyone would call safe, and getting hurt was a daily occurrence. That said, with Hughes and MakubeX not her, Xion was becoming the default medic simply by being interested enough in learning what was needed to patch her friends up.

She wished they were here right now--the real them--because she would have liked some confirmation on the best course of action. As it was, she'd have to do what she could. Roxas definitely seemed to have a concussion, but thankfully not a severe one if he were able to communicate with them. They'd still have to keep him awake for a while, though, and keep an eye on him for the next few days.

At least he could think of an answer to some of her concerns. She hadn't meant to think out loud, but in this case, that had led to something good. "Okay. Can you walk if we help you? I don't think it's a good idea for any of us to be on our own now. Not with the others acting the way they are."

If he'd been looking for confirmation that they weren't mirrored, that would be a big hint. Probably a better one than outright saying they weren't, since he might be suspicions of such an obvious ploy to gain his trust.

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