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Remembering the whole turn of events wouldn't be good for anyone's mental health, no. Which meant they probably would, since the satellite seemed to like to test that a lot. That was something they'd have to deal with when it happened. At the moment they had more than enough on their hands.

Attempting to act like her mirrored self wasn't something Xion had even considered. Then again, she wouldn't be able to fool anyone given what she'd learned from her fight with Riku. Not that she'd wanted to raise suspicions any more than she had to. It simply looked like that couldn't be avoided.

Thankfully, they did manage to avoid any other mirrored versions of the others. Safely in the lab, she and Namine helped Roxas sit on one of the tables. That done, she began looking for something to stabilize his wrist while it healed, along with a lot of water, bandages, and disinfectant.

Those things gathered, it was time to get to work. Xion let Namine take care of cleaning up the scrapes while she started trying to set Roxas's broken wrist. "This might hurt a little, sorry."

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