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They hadn't been bad at all, until Pearl had sent the cages. Or Discord or the Missing No. showed up. New forms took some getting used to, but they'd been fun after that.

Getting information was the tricky part. Asking questions would lead to more suspicions, which could lead to worse trouble if the mirrored folks found out the truth of what was going on.

Xion would leave couch improvement to the others; it wasn't really her thing. Right now she was a little more concerned with patching up Roxas. Most of what she knew she'd learned from talking with Hughes and MakubeX, or reading the few informative books on the media deck. It wasn't always detailed information, but usually enough that she could avoid doing more harm than good when she tried to help her friends.

On second thought, they might not want to bandage the ribs. Fortunately, there were supplies to make an ice pack in the lab. Wrapping one in a towel she handed it to Roxas. "Here. Let's try this for now. If it gets really bad, we can try some bandages, but I don't want to do something that might mess with your breathing..."

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