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Someone really wishes this was all a dream...

Who: Roxas and anyone who encounters him
What: He needs to figure out who's evil and who's not. He's wandering around while he works out how best to figure this out.
Where: Anywhere, though starting by the vending machines
When: Noonish
Warnings: Depends on who tags him, so, possibly violence and/or language

This was a fine mess they were all in. Shunted into a mirror universe with some people taking on their mirrored personalities and some not, it was difficult to tell who could be trusted and who couldn't. Roxas knew for sure that Pinkie Pie hadn't been mirrored... mostly because she wasn't bothering to pretend and had gone and pretty much broadcast it over the Cambot network. Vanitas and Selphie hadn't been either, but they'd arrived after the jump and were stuck up on the satellite with the mirrored Mads where they really couldn't help. He suspected it was possible that Minako hadn't been mirrored, but it was hard to say. Other than that, he knew for sure that Sora, Riku and Ven had been mirrored from observing their interactions with Vanitas and Sora's recent message over Cambot bitching about all the talking and how it had better be picking out an experiment. After that, he was clueless, though he could think of a few people he hoped weren't mirrored. He'd told Vanitas flat out that it could be problematic if Aqua had been mirrored. He didn't even want to consider Xion or Namine mirrored...

'This couldn't suck any worse,' he thought as he poked about the vending machines. He'd been looking around to see if his mirror self kept a journal of any kind, but so far had turned up squat. After a while, he'd given up. He didn't keep one himself (time in the Organization didn't count) and it had only really been wishful thinking to hope that his mirror self did. It would have been helpful, but there wasn't one so he was going to have to wing it. Sighing, he got a bag of pretzels and a soda out of the machine and headed off to look for someplace to hang out that was hopefully out of the way. He was pretty sure an encounter with Sora right now would blow his cover, assuming no one suspected already that he was behaving strangely.

Maybe the library would be worth poking around it, since this place seemed to actually have some good literature on hand. Not to mention he already knew someone else's diary might be stashed there and a little research might be needed to get that person's help with getting out of this universe.

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Unfortunately for Roxas, Sora had wandered into the vending machine hall as well in search of a couple of snacks. Riku was being a slow slob again, which meant it'd probably be a little bit before they actually sent an experiment up there. He'd have to demonstrate his displeasure about his tardiness later.

He spotted Roxas by one of the machines, and smirked. While he didn't have any respect for the Nobody, he didn't exactly dis-respect him the way Riku deserved it. But with how many had now been acting so goody-goody lately...well, that did raise some questions.

Sora walked over to the soda machine and put some money in...acting nonchalant, but actually keeping a close eye on Roxas's words and actions. "Keeping busy, Nobody?"
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Xion herself had been laying low this week, and having a bit more success at it than some others. If Riku's reaction to her were any indication, that could be because the version of her here that she'd replaced didn't resemble her that much. At some point maybe she could figure out a way to use that to her advantage, but she'd have to be sure of who else hadn't been replaced by this world's version of themselves.

At least she'd managed to confirm that Namine was still herself. Since the incident with Riku, they'd been sticking together, so they both heard the sounds of what seemed to be Roxas, Sora, and Ven fighting. They'd approached cautiously, but that faded into worry when they found Roxas lying on the floor, obviously badly hurt. "Roxas?!"

Namine's hand on her arm kept her at a safe distance, but the concern would be fairly obvious on her face.