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Unfortunately, Namine had momentarily forgotten Riku's ability to sniff most people out. She probably should have guessed that he'd catch on to her sooner or later (he'd found her when she'd slipped past DiZ into the digital Twilight Town), but this had happened more quickly than she would have thought. Then again, this Riku might have reason to be more suspicious than hers.

Now that she'd been spotted, she needed to decide whether or not to show herself or leave. Speaking from her hiding place wasn't an option; not only would that not feel right, it would only irritate him more. Having been spotted, it was probably safer to take the chance to leave. This Riku didn't seem kindly disposed towards her, so staying might be taking a risk.

A risk, yes, but worth the chance to find out something. She'd come this far. As long as she was careful, she should be fine. After taking a moment to compose herself and make her expression fairly neutral, she stepped out to where he could see her. "Hello, Riku."

Ironically, all those memories of thinking she didn't have a heart and couldn't feel just might help her get through all this. All she had to do was keep telling herself that keeping the same distance from Riku as she would have from Larxene, and using the same precautions she had around Marluxia, didn't really hurt. She just thought they should.

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