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It was in that moment of fear that she made her move to escape. However, Riku's response was as ingrained as any reflex. He pursued.

"HEY!" His snarl echoed in the hallway. She was light and fast. He was, too. While this Riku lacked the muscle mass his more benevolent counterpart did, it worked in his favor in case he had to flee, or in this case, chase. Just like his counterpart, however, his legs were long, and he caught up with Namine before she could leave the hallway. He reached out and snatched a strap her dress and yanked back. Riku grabbed her arm to turn her around before shoving her backwards into the wall. While he lacked the force his counterpart did, that didn't mean it couldn't hurt. He was quick to grab her by the forearm and the wrist, holding them up so she was pinned to the wall. Riku snarled at her.

"I don't know what's going on around here. Some of you are acting really weird, and I'm going to get to the bottom of this." He leaned close, his voice quieter. "Now, you'd better start acting right and stop following me." Riku moved even closer to her, his face next to hers and voice growing quieter still.

"Or I'm going to hunt you down and take something very, very..." He was whispering in her ear. "...Precious from you." He leaned back slightly to reveal a malevolently delighted grin.

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