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Xion had been doing her own brand of laying low, which involved keeping to less used areas of Deep 13 and sticking to the shadows. Not that she enjoyed it--Sora, Riku, and Ven obviously weren't themselves, and she couldn't be sure of anyone else, except maybe Pinkie Pie, and that grated on her nerves. On top of that, MakubeX hadn't been around for a while, and she'd been intending to conduct a more thorough search for him when they'd been brought here. She hadn't seem him yet, but if he was mirrored she wanted to find him and keep him from doing something the real him might regret. She'd promised, after all.

So laying low was a good tactic to both avoid trouble and try to settle her nerves. The library had proven to be fairly quiet, and have some good books. She could easily avoid most of the others there, and keep to the shadows when going through the halls. This was one time her Organization coat was coming in handy. She simply pulled up the hood and blended in.

That was the usual routine. Today was proving to be a little different, though. She'd walked out just in time to see a Namine (whether the one she knew or the one from the universe they'd found themselves in) run away from this universe's Riku and be summarily attacked. Whether the Namine Xion knew or not, though, the girl currently pinned to the wall looked terrified--well, after initially wincing in pain.

There was far too much of Sora (the real Sora) in Xion for her to feel comfortable just walking by and doing nothing. Stepping out where she could be seen plainly, she lowered her hood. "Attacking girls in hallways? I thought even you couldn't stoop that low, but I guess I was wrong."

Normally she'd start with asking what was going on, but that was fairly clear and, with this Riku, probably wouldn't go anywhere. So, time to channel some of the attitude she'd dealt with from certain Organization members in new directions. Already being on edge helped with that, surprisingly.

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