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...I swear I wrote this out and was sure I posted it yesterday. D: Sorry!

One thing this Riku had yet to find out, apparently, was that though Xion was little, she was fierce. She'd also spent her share of time being loomed at disconcertingly by various Heartless and other members of the Organization. If he was hoping for her to even flinch, she'd have to disappoint him there.

His confusion about who she was gave her pause for a moment, before she decided she could use that to her advantage. Besides, he was using words Axel had said she shouldn't bother learning from him, and Xigbar had said nice little poppets shouldn't use. Not that she hadn't been able to help picking them up with the others using them. She just didn't really use them.

This looked like it might be a time to test them out. The real Riku would probably be very disappointed, but, well, his mirrored self had started it. "I think you're the one who needs to be put in your place, treating people like that. Knock it off or I'll knock your punk ass down."

She hoped she was using the expression right.

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