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If there was one thing to be said for most of the Organization members, it was that they'd rarely laughed at Xion. Any mocking and derision (of which there had been plenty, though she hadn't always recognized it as such) had taken other forms. The real Riku, too, had never laughed at her. If this false Riku had been looking for a reaction that would set her off-balance, he couldn't have found a better one.

For a moment, she let her guard down. Confusion and maybe a little hurt replaced the anger in her expression, and her scowl softened to a confused frown. Just as quickly as the moment had come, though, it was over, and her glare was back in force, if not stronger than before.

This isn't Riku.

No matter the similarities in appearance, whoever she was dealing with here wasn't her friend. It was just someone who looked like him (like he used to) and used his name. So of course he'd act differently.

Was this how he felt around me at first?

No time for thinking about that now, though. Her momentary lapse had allowed him to get hold of her, and while Namine seemed to have picked herself up, she looked pale and stricken.

At least Xion had Riku's attention focused on her for the moment. She needed to keep things that way so Namine could run. Well, Riku had asked question, hadn't he? She should answer it. "I'm someone who's helping a friend."

With that, she stepped in towards better use her free arm to deliver what would be a strong blow to his midsection if it connected.

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