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...I think other thread is done. -.-

With a sinister smirk Riku began to raise the arm he'd seized. Now what to do with her? Something about her really did seem familiar, unsettlingly so. It was like something he'd known before, but in a different way. Well, if he were to follow gut instinct, it would probably be best to get rid of her. Besides, if he didn't know who she was, she was probably someone who'd managed to sneak into Deep 13, and they couldn't have that, could they?

He began to lower his face towards her when she suddenly stepped in, hitting him hard. Reflexively he let go as he cried out, hugging his torso as he backed up quickly to protect himself. He coughed, eyes wide as he looked at her. And as he caught him in the stomach, he caught a good whiff of her. And he gasped. There were only two people who smelled like that, and both were male.

"Why? WHY do you smell like Sora?!"

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