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We must IM!

"WHY?!" Riku looked genuinely disturbed. That hit was much harder than he'd expected from her. He really didn't want to be hit again, but he also didn't want another bully. Could he win in a fight against her? It was clear he was sizing her up, reevaluating. And then there was the matter of why she smelled like that. Sora and Xion smelled the same (or at least they did once he'd lost his magic and power over darkness) and Roxas smelled similar, though he also smelled like Ventus. But why she smelled like Sora and Xion didn't make any sense. She at least should smell different because she was a girl at the very least, right? Not that being female had a unique scent, but it still stood to reason! There was something very wrong with her. And why was she in an Organization XIV coat?

There were a lot of things he needed to know for his own safety. By all appearances he should be able to beat the little thing, but...

Riku regained a small degree of his composure. Quite honestly he was still a mess, and he looked scared. However, he stood up to his full height and began to circle her, at times bringing him alongside the wall. "Your scent is messed. Up. WHAT are you?"

[OOC: He's on the verge of fleeing.]

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