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Planning shenanigans? I have teh busies this weekend and won't be able to be on much, if at all. :/

In Xion's case appearances were deceiving. She was stronger than she looked. That strength wasn't meant to hurt other people, though, and she wouldn't hit him again unless he attacked her or someone she cared about. It was starting to dawn on her, though, that she couldn't trust him to know that. Far from the confidence he'd shown earlier, now he was on the defensive, and scared.

Now was her chance to drive him off, possibly for good. If, at some point in her future, she could convince Roxas that she was so far gone he had to kill or be killed, she could probably do this.

That didn't mean she had to like it.

Slowly she shifted stances so she could walk, taking the moment to try to mentally prepare for what she had to do. Then, letting all the anger (this had to be anger) that she was feeling (at him, at this whole messed up situation) show on her face, she began to stalk towards him. "If you don't know then I'm not telling you. Back off now and I may not tell Sora what you were doing."

Having seen the way the mirrored Sora treated this Riku, she knew it was kind of a low blow of a threat, but if it worked, then it might be worth it. She just hoped the real Riku would forgive her.

[OOC: Roger that, and she will not pursue if/when he does.]

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