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No worries!

Any hint of bravery or confidence slowly ebbed from his face as anger flowed into hers. His attempt at intimidation melted away, his circling ceasing as she began to stalk him. Riku began to back up from her, arms slightly raised in case he needed to defend himself.

Again, she didn't tell him who she was. But she smelled like Sora. And why was she defending Namine? Yet they'd both made the same threat...

Several scenarios began to dawn on Riku. Namine held sway over Sora. This girl was obviously connected to him... ...A Replica? Like Xion? Some mishmash of Sora and Kairi or Sora and Namine? What was Sora doing?! Whatever she was, she reeked of him. Could Sora and Namine be working together, or rather, could Namine be manipulating Sora? Regardless, if Sora had managed to figure out how to make Replicas, Namine could have an army on her hands. That would explain the secrecy and why she wouldn't tell him what she was.

Riku glanced around quickly. Namine had vanished. Much as he hated Sora, he didn't want Namine being able to push him around, either. This was bad. And he wasn't going to be able to get any answers from her regarding what she was. Not in his current state.

But something perplexed him. Namine was to Sora what Sora was to Riku, and what Riku was to Namine. It was human Rock-Paper-Scissors. But why did the paper care if the rock took out the scissors? "W-why would Sora be upset if I was potentially getting rid of his problem?"

And it dawned on him that if she were directly working for Sora... Then she was above him.

[OOC: A "Wouldn't you like to know?" answer will suffice.]

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