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Well, Xion had managed to turn the tables on Riku and get the upper hand. The problem was, the upper hand wasn't something she was used to having. More often than not, she'd been the one left guessing while others planned circles around her. So she was at something of a loss as to how to proceed, but she couldn't let that show. Time to think quickly, though she didn't have much to go on...

It doesn't matter what cards you're dealt, just how you play them.

Okay, so what did she know? First, Riku obviously could tell her connection to Sora--not this Sora here, but a Sora, and that was enough. Second, even then he still didn't fully recognize her--an advantage she might need. Third, while she wasn't used to having the upper hand, she did have experience not only dealing with people who did, but imitating them as well, thanks to the occasional contest among best friends.

She could do something with that.

Slowly, she let her expression shift from anger to her best impression of one of Xigbar's "I know something you don't" smirks. "Wouldn't you like to know."

Really, if she were back on the clock tower with her friends, it would have won her the extra ice cream that day.

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