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Riku's current life situation was rather undesirable. This made things much more complicated. Suddenly it seemed whatever power he once held was slipping away. People were acting oddly. And now it seemed Sora had a new flunky, what may have been a pseudo-replica.

Whatever she was, there were no answers. And like Sora, she was small and powerful for her size. How strong he couldn't tell, but if she was like Sora or Xion he was in trouble.

...Where WAS Xion these days anyway?

As Riku backed away from her approach, he stumbled, falling backward. He skidded backwards a bit, trying to stay away even while on the floor before scrambling to his feet.

This was too much. Too much risk, too much danger. Too many questions left unanswered with too much chance of getting hurt in asking more. It was too risky staying longer.

Riku bolted with surprising speed and rather quietly at that. While his other self was just as fast, his legs were better built to carry his increased weight. This Riku was just a feather blowing in the wind. He ran as such.

There had to be answers. He'd just have to look for them.

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