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Town meeting!

Characters: Iron Liz and everybody who hasn't been affected by the mirror universe.
Content: Liz calls a meeting to figure out what to do about this universe.
Location: The lab with all the animal cages
Time of Day: Night
Warnings: None thus far

It was tricky, and a bit risky, but Ammy, Liz and Aqua managed to sniff out who was still themselves in this universe, and sent a simple message to each of them personally; "Important meeting in the lab tonight. Liz will swing for Chinese."

Liz had spent the time before then sorting through the experimental weapons, testing them on a safe target and figuring out which ones could be used if they need to. Now as it was almost time for people to show up, she started setting up a circle for everyone, still in sight of the cage they threw Harvey in, but hopefully far enough away that they can keep him from hearing all their plans. This was already a tricky operation, hopefully it wouldn't be too much like herding cats in this group.
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"I can't say I'd blame them."

It was bad enough with just what was all over the network. Actually having to deal with in person? No, she wouldn't expect everyone to be ready and willing to stand up to that sort of thing. Especially when anyone's friends could be affected, and who knew what could come of that.
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Having had to deal with a friend who was mirrored, and the event having left a bad taste in her mouth, Xion would readily understand a desire to keep interactions to a minimum. This place had a way of bringing out negative aspects of the personalities of everyone, even those who hadn't been mirrored.

"Me, neither."