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Town meeting!

Characters: Iron Liz and everybody who hasn't been affected by the mirror universe.
Content: Liz calls a meeting to figure out what to do about this universe.
Location: The lab with all the animal cages
Time of Day: Night
Warnings: None thus far

It was tricky, and a bit risky, but Ammy, Liz and Aqua managed to sniff out who was still themselves in this universe, and sent a simple message to each of them personally; "Important meeting in the lab tonight. Liz will swing for Chinese."

Liz had spent the time before then sorting through the experimental weapons, testing them on a safe target and figuring out which ones could be used if they need to. Now as it was almost time for people to show up, she started setting up a circle for everyone, still in sight of the cage they threw Harvey in, but hopefully far enough away that they can keep him from hearing all their plans. This was already a tricky operation, hopefully it wouldn't be too much like herding cats in this group.
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Pinkie may have been rather...unsubtle about her own allegiances, but she understands the danger well enough to come quietly and stealthily down to the lab.

Of course, she's still Pinkie. She brought cookies.

"Hey, Liz! Did you already order the Chineighese? Get me a veggie one, okay?" She slid the tray of cookies down off her head and into the middle of the circle, and tossed the cage in the corner a curious glance before her eyes went wide in realization. "Ohhhhhh. Did he do something bad?"
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Harvey, when he finally woke up, was in a world of pain. And no wonder - considering the last thing he remembered was Amaterasu gettin' her jaws on him, he was actually somewhat surprised he wasn't dead. There was a reason that wolf was usually kept in her cage. This cage, he realized with a feeling of dread quite foreign to him.

He writhed a little, grimacing in disgust at the dried blood down the front of his face. His arm hurt like hell too, but considering he was tied up there wasn't much shot of lookin' at that bite.

When twisting out of his bonds proved immediately unsuccessful, he instead rolled over, looking to find his captors. And there was one right there. "Well, geez Liz," he called, his voice tight with tension and anger despite his casual words, "If you wanted me tied up that bad, all ya had to do was ask."
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Minako definitely came. Of course. She managed to sneak away from Evil Mike, and so she walks in, looking back and forth. At least there was some food to eat.

"Liz. What's going on?"
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Given that she was one of the people who'd been present as of the first suggestion that perhaps they should all get together to see what could be done to get out of this universe in the first place, it was almost a foregone conclusion that she'd show up. After what she'd seen, both with Harvey and elsewhere, they couldn't leave fast enough.

Of course, there was also the matter of hoping that everyone present was, in fact, not an evil version of themselves, but there wasn't anything she could do about that. Not just at the moment anyway.

"Do we know how many people are going to be coming?"
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Gypsy arrived in short order...Tom wasn’t with her, mostly because he was goofing off somewhere. It was hard for her to get Crow or Tom to do anything they had to, especially when it was serious business.

“Ohh, I’m so glad that there’s a bunch of you here that haven’t gone evil! Mike and Crow have been acting terribly weird lately! All laughing evilly and stuff. Tom seems to be okay, but he’s not paying attention so much.”

She pulled out a bunch of charts and pages that likely no one but a robot could read, anyway. “I think we have an idea on how to get out of this universe. But we gotta do it quick!”