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The Great Mirrored Escape! - [Open]

Characters: Gypsy, likely Pinkie Pie, but open to any others in Deep 13 and on the SOL, too
Content: The unmirrored characters attempt an invention that will help them escape!
Location: Deep 13 launch area
Time of Day: Evening
Warnings: None so far, but who knows?...

Gypsy had worked through the days and nights getting their little “care package” for the SOL ready...luckily, Mike had believed her when she told him she was just working on a danger death ray that she intended to fire at Canada. Apparently, Mirror!Gypsy was very ambitious and went around building death rays often. That all worked to their advantage, as she’d managed to finish the ion-distributing matter transference device! It could be shot up in a rocket and received by the Satellite of Love’s launch deck...and there was a very small compartment inside where a person or a pony could potentially hide.

Gypsy finished loading the device into Deep 13’s rocket launcher. Hopefully their secret stowaways could get up there safely, communicate in their code or with the Mads, and then get the device working so that they could escape this dimension!

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