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Pinkie Pie ([personal profile] sailorlaughter) wrote in [community profile] itsjustagamerp2013-03-09 09:42 pm
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Turn the Volume Down

Characters: Pinkie Pie, likely the mirrored Mads, anyone on the SoL
Content: Pinkie arrives in space once more, with a plan and a party cannon.
Location: Satellite of Love
Time of Day: Evening
Warnings: None...?

The ride up into space had been the. Best. Possible. THING!

Sure, the takeoff had been a little bouncy, but Pinkie liked bouncy! She was just sorry there wasn't a window in her little hiding spot. Obviously there couldn't have been, or else the whole secret part of the mission would've been over pretty fast, but she'd have liked to see what it was like flying into space. She'd never even really been able to see Earth itself up close!

At least she got to content herself with playing Super Secret Spy Mission. Only this time she wasn't playing - she kinda was a Super Secret Spy! One with a Super Secret Machine, even! And her party cannon. That machine wasn't a secret; she was pretty sure everyone knew about it already. The mare curled up in her little space, one hoof idly playing with the cannon's fuse as they drifted, until a series of bumps and noises made her prick her ears. Oooh, had they gotten to the Satellite already? "Okay, Mini-Cannon," she whispered, puling it around to face the door and crouching beside it like a cat about to pounce. "Get ready!"

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