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Through the Looking Glass

Characters: Harvey, probably Liz, anyone else who wants to visit
Content: Harvey, for one, remembers what went on in the mirror universe. He's not a fan!
Location: SoL, residential deck
Time of Day: Night
Warnings: None...?

Harvey suddenly blinked up at the ceiling of his darkened bedroom, groaning as he sat up and shook the residual light-headedness away. What had that been, the universe jump? He didn't even remember being in his room before, or how he'd gotten here. Last he recalled, he'd been lookin' out the window, hopin' they could jump outta there before those goddamn lizards arrived with their ships. Seein' as they weren't blown to bits, he guessed they'd made it. Maybe he'd track down 90s Kid and Iron just in case, make sure everyone got through the jump alright. Iron in particular...for some reason, he thought he'd seen her bleeding...

He froze, eyes going wide as the memories came flooding back. Oh. Oh god, what the hell had he done?

The singer flung himself out of the bed, heading for the door. He had to find Iron, make sure that she was okay! How long had she been walkin' around on that leg, anyway? He could remember lookin' up at her from the cage; he hadn't registered it at the time, or even cared to look, but her bandage had been uncomfortably red.

A rustling sound behind him froze him in his panic. Reaching for the lamp, Harvey turned. "Frank?" He hadn't expected the rabbit to be back in his cage, not after Iron had taken him away. He hesitated, glancing back at the door, then slowly approached the cage instead, dropping to his knees to unlatch it. He could take a second or two for this.

"Frankie?" He reached in cautiously, not noticing that his hand was shaking a little. "C'mon, Frankie..." The rabbit's nose twitched, and he stared at his owner for a few seconds before slowly hopping forward. Harvey carefully picked him up, smiling gratefully as he cradled his pet against his chest. "Heyyyy there, buddy. 'S alright. It's gonna be okay. I gotcha."
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So his injuries were gone too. Liz looked a little puzzled as she lifted the leg of her jeans, revealing nothing at all. Even Frank didn't look like he'd been singed by that electricity gun. Maybe the mirror universe just didn't affect their own universe selves. Save for the memories, of course.

"Not the whole time," she admitted, "Pinkie practically pinned me down after a while."
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"Well I couldn't just let you - any of you - just have your way like that." she looked down at Frank, lightly running her fingers over his fur herself, "That's why I had to keep moving. We needed to move fast."
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Liz frowned, slowly reaching up to put a hand on his shoulder.

"I know."

While she had the advantage of not knowing the details, she could see the murderous look in his eyes every time she watched him in that cell. And while she didn't let it show, it frightened her, seeing him so...monstrous. She could take Harvey on if she had to...but she'd hoped the whole time it wouldn't come to that. And it didn't, thank God.

"That's why I made sure everybody took a weapon."
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"You can't just beat yourself up over it, Mister Finevoice." Liz said softly, hand still on his shoulder, "We all did some awful things in that universe." she almost shuddered to think what she was like out there...probably not too far from a certain doppelganger she hadn't seen in a while.