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It fits the start of the thread well. XD

Riku almost stopped when she appeared, but she made it clear to continue. As he played, he nodded gently or swayed slightly to the beat of the music, letting himself get into it so he could play his best. He looked over to her from time to time with a smile as he played. It felt really good playing just for her.

As he finished the song, Riku left the notes humming on the cords and put his arm around her. "Hey. I've got everything ready. Want to watch a sunset together? It won't be glary afterwards like a sunrise, and there should be enough light in the cabin for us to draw after watching it." He'd remembered her saying that one day she'd like to watch the sunsets with him back home. This seemed like a natural choice for a date. "I packed some snacks and sandwiches for dinner."

He leaned his face a little closer to hers, his voice quiet and gentle. "Unlike anywhere on the ship, no one will bother us out there, unless I fly us out to far and they have to tow us back." Riku smirked. "And I learned my lesson the first time."

Riku stood, offering her a hand. "What do you say? Just you and me."

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