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He made a mental note to himself that Namine enjoyed it when he played. He'd have to do it more for her.

Riku cocked his head slightly when she blushed. He wasn't quite sure why she did, but it always made him feel good when she blushed, and as such his smile broadened slightly.

Carefully Riku helped her to her feet and intertwined his fingers with hers a little as he led her inside. "Watch the cooler. There's not a lot of room in here." He motioned with his chin to sit shotgun where he'd set up the small telescope. (It looked like he'd duct taped it to part of the chair to stabilize it during takeoff.) Stepping carefully, he took the main pilot's seat and laid his guitar to the side by his own sketchpad and out of the way. He buckled himself in and flipped a few switches, causing the subpod to hum to life. Dials glowed and numbers appeared. He rested his hand on the blankets he'd stuffed between the two seats. "Buckled up and ready?"

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