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Then again, Riku always was more of one to look for a thrill. It was little wonder why he'd be used to the speed by now. The feeling of adrenaline was often a welcome feeling. ...The way he felt being around Namine was thrilling in its own way.

"I guess it is. I never really thought about it. All I knew is that it's one of the spices Mom liked to cook with." He seemed introspective briefly, realizing that maybe if he wanted to get her roses someday, he could use rosemary instead if she still wasn't a fan of flowers. A girl that didn't like flowers still threw him for a bit of a loop, but he'd at least figured out a way around it with the bouquet of handmade paper.

In reply, Riku just smiled, reaching to the side to grab his guitar. He hadn't really considered recorded music in large part because the music selections of the ship tended to be pretty bad, and he hadn't thought of recording himself. He set the guitar on his leg and began to pluck a few chords before stopping a moment. Yeah, I'll play that one. And so as the sun cast topaz rays through the atmosphere to them as he played. Riku would occasionally glance to the sunset, but found himself looking to her, mostly, as he played.

Still, as he watched the light on her, he began to look curiously at her, looking over the features of her face.

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