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[OOC: A piano cover.]

The wider smile was an excellent sign. Her response wasn't quite what he expected, but it wasn't a bad one. He'd expected, a "good," or "nice." What he received as an answer was a little deeper. Being around her and having given her those two kisses made him feel warm too, though he suspected part of the warmth she felt might have been related to the color in her cheeks.

He wondered briefly what she was thinking about before he got his answer. For a brief moment he dropped the smile and his eyes widened as he breathed in. Rather quickly, a little half-smile tugged on the side of his mouth in the wake of the rush he just got. Slowly that smile widened, and he sighed through his nose, leaving his shoulders to relax. The uncertainty that had been in his face had simply melted away.

Man, that felt good.

Riku slowly reached his arm around Namine, shifting in his seat to be closer to her. He leaned his face very close to hers, their noses nearly touching. Clearly he was considering what to do next, his eyes flickering between her various features. Riku gently reached up and touched her cheek, running a thumb over it. No. Not too fast.

Finally he gave her a kiss on the cheek, too, but it barely touched the corner of her mouth. Riku lingered on it a moment, as the kiss had quite a good deal more resolve and commitment than the other two. He then continued to play their game, looking to see how she reacted again. This time, however, he didn't pull away as far, and his hand slid to her chin as he took it carefully with his thumb and index finger.

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