colorbymemory: (Happy)
Namine ([personal profile] colorbymemory) wrote in [community profile] itsjustagamerp 2013-04-05 05:05 pm (UTC)

In some ways, Namine was still learning to define what made her feel "good" or "bad." They seemed like pretty general terms, and differed from person to person so much. Something like "warm" seemed more precise. In this case it was accurate, and the warmth wasn't only physical. Not that her blush was helping.

Her smile showed some of her relief when relaxed. So he hadn't been put off by her kissing him on the cheek--quite the opposite. As he moved to put his arm around her, she shifted to adjust for the change in position. This was something she was used to, and liked.

She kept her eyes on him when he leaned in closer; not wary, but curious. This was another new development. While she wouldn't call what they were doing a game, it did seem like they were playing as much as evaluating each others' reactions.

After he kissed her, her expression turned more thoughtful. While her smile didn't disappear, it wasn't quite as wide, and curiosity was much more obvious in her eyes. The way they were positioned, kissing back again would be difficult, so she'd wait to see what he did next.

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