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Namine ([personal profile] colorbymemory) wrote in [community profile] itsjustagamerp 2013-04-06 03:54 pm (UTC)

It would be odd for a Nobody to be afraid of the dark--they were more creatures of darkness than light. Despite that, Namine was glad for the dim light provided by the stars. Total darkness wasn't something she was eager for. She wouldn't ask for the light to be turned on, though; that would ruin the view of the outside, she knew enough to know that. Not to mention the fact that her mind wasn't exactly on that at the moment.

Given how things had been going, she could hazard a guess at what would happen. That didn't seem to make any difference in how her pulse sped up slightly or her flush deepened as he leaned in. She followed his movements with her eyes, not because she was wary, but out of curiosity and an attempt to take everything in, not miss anything.

So her eyes were open when he kissed her. There didn't seem to be any reason to fully close them, but as she relaxed into the embrace, she noticed they closed until they were only half-open. That was okay. She was a little busy trying to see if she could kiss back a little more easily this way.

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