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Despite the bit of awkwardness of the kiss, Namine didn't seem put off by the whole thing, much to Riku's relief. The fact she took his hand was proof enough for that. His smile became warmer, and he turned his hand within her grasp so he could weave his fingers with hers. He ran his thumb a couple times over the outside of her index finger.

"Yeah," he agreed. This was fine. His heart had been sated and his curiosity had quieted for the moment. Being close to her was all Riku still wanted. As such he leaned back in the chair, arm still around Namine. He carefully pulled her in to lean against him. Unlike the last time his body had been used to move Namine's, there was no ill will from some mirror personality. Riku was gentle, never forcing her to move and his own motions only to show he wanted to hold her close. He rested his cheek a little on the top of her head.

They still had so much time out here to enjoy themselves. Riku still had his music, and there was always loving casual conversation. They still had the picnic food for their dinner whenever they were in the mood. And of course they could watch the world go by slowly underneath them.

Outside was a slow-moving green and yellow flame or smoke sliding over the horizon. This is very different than the green flames Riku'd seen before from Maleficent. This was serene and beautiful, occasionally tinged with pinks or oranges. Was this magic? In this world? Riku's head slowly lifted. His voice was soft. "...Namine. Look."

It was like fireworks, just for them, but prettier.

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