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Let's do the log tags first this time. XD

It wasn't as if Riku hadn't caused harm, and his heart was always fully-formed. That didn't mean, however, that a heart couldn't grow in different ways, as it had for Riku over the years. Her own desire to keep others safe was a strength that Riku had at times lacked in the past. Perhaps, then, his heart still needed to grow in similar ways, and she she might be able to help him as her own grew.

Riku knew the feeling of lonely freedom well. As soon as he'd gained it from the Islands, he'd found himself without his friends, and then quickly in undesirable company he kept only through necessity. From there he found one friend unresponsive and the other seemingly moved on. ...But that was a story best left remembered only for the lessons he learned. It did mean he was more than willing to accompany Namine in whatever freedoms she yearned for, as he'd tasted that drive for independence many times in his life.

Riku smirked, raising his brows as he watched. He slowly pointed. "You mean like that?" On the horizon, some of the light shone pink and red with hints of purple. "If I didn't know better I'd say you were coloring it."

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