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Regardless, even if Namine hurt someone, that led to a way both she and Riku were alike. They both tried to make amends for the wrongs they'd done, though the nature and motives of their wrongs had been very different. While Riku had to learn how terrible what he'd done was, Namine's heart, or at that time her sense of right and wrong, was strong enough to dislike her actions from the start. And while Riku actively chose his own actions, Namine was forced. Even without a heart that part of her was stronger than that part of his own heart, and it was something he admired in her.

Though it'd depend on what she wanted to try first (if it involved makeup he was out) Riku would be happy to be there as she tried those things. If Riku hadn't been separated from his friends, it was likely he might still be pursuing Kairi. While the lessons he learned were painful, he needed them, and had those events not come to pass... One way or another he might not be feeling the joy of being with Namine right now. This was better.

"Man, I wonder what you'd use to paint it with... I bet it'd be fun, though. It's like it'd come to life the moment you made a mark." He ran his thumb over the back of her fingers gently.

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