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And learned to never let it happen again.

As it was, however, Riku was no longer a normal teenager, and nothing would ever be quite normal again. He'd welcome some normalcy, but he'd always wonder about the world that he now KNEW was out there. Riku would go back to school. He'd play sports just like he had before. He'd help build and repair things, and he'd fish. And even though he truly missed the love of his parents and the comfort of home, he'd still long to wander.

At least Riku could explain to Namine without any awkwardness why men didn't wear makeup. Quite unlike a few other things she'd needed to inquire about. Hopefully he wouldn't have to explain those again when they got back and they forgot... Not that he would know he'd done it anyway.

That they certainly could, even if Riku's usually left something to be desired. "Yeah. ...You could even paint it on a lamp shade, I bet. That'd be pretty." Riku imagine Namine's room glowing in soft hues if she did that to her lights.

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