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No, I've had a lot of stress and lack of time with my new role, so I totally get it!

If that's what she wanted, Riku would be willing to help. While Namine had no blood family, per se, he was certain a family would take her in on the Islands just like the mayor took in Kairi. Even then, he, Sora, Kairi and the others would be more than happy to be her family. And despite having wanted to have the freedom to spread his wings, and having tasted the power only accessible from things done beyond his home, not even Riku could deny missing it all. He missed his family. His parents. His friend's parents. The feeling of the warm water rushing around his feet on the sand, the sun on his back and the wind in his hair. It proved that one never knows what they have until its gone. When all was said and done, if he had Namine, his friends and family, his home, and the freedom to go where he wanted, he couldn't ask for anything more.

And whether Riku knew it or not, he'd be waiting.

He smirked a little as something came to mind. "It's like you'd paint for the lampshade and then when it lights up you'd paint the room. It'd be beautiful..." He reached up and stroked her cheek, smiling warmly. "...just like you."

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