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I See The Light (Active/Closed)

Characters: Namine, Riku
Content: After making up, Namine and Riku go on a date to celebrate Valentine's Day and White Day a little late.
Location: The Launch Deck and outside the ship
Time of Day: Evening
Warnings: Fluff, Mush, and Cuteness

As promised, Riku had slipped a picture under Namine's door with details. It showed himself waiting on the launch deck next to a subpod. Beside him sat a cooler and a couple art supplies, along with a clock that read "7:15." Namine was in the foreground facing the subpod, holding a bag with a wide variety of art supplies sticking out. Outside a window on the deck the sun could be seen setting on the Earth.

Of course, it wasn't quite setting yet. In orbit, sunrises and sunsets were pretty frequent, but he'd calculated out a good time of the evening to catch a sunset. The cooler and a picnic basket were already on board, too. He'd honestly thought about trying to use the food synthesizer to cook something more romantic, but he honestly had no idea what would be, let alone what she'd like to eat. Something simpler seemed like a smarter and safer idea.

He'd hoped that it was clear in the picture for her to bring her art supplies, though often their time spent together involved art or craft in some form. Or rather, Namine making art and Riku attempting to. He'd even set up a telescope next to Namine's seat so she could look out at the stars if she wanted to draw those. And luckily the seat arrangement was such that they could sit together. He'd already lifted the arm rests and stuffed some blankets between the seats to fill the gap between the pilot and copilot chairs. Riku planned to be the one driving, as it were.

For the moment, Riku sat on the steps into the subpod and waited. He propped his guitar on his knee and started to play, waiting for Namine to come. It was a little early still.

Wait, are you supposed to dress up for big dates?
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Namine was sure it would. They could tell others about it when they got back, though that might mean getting told they were only dreaming.

Depending on the reasons for sending the lanterns floating, the comparison might be more apt than some would thing. Significant enough emotional attachment, and it was like a portion of the sender's heart went into lighting it, so it would shine in the night sky along with the the light from other worlds.

Sometime she'd mention the idea, and they'd have to make sure to go. Right now, though, she had to try to reassure Riku that everything was okay...somehow.

Because apparently somehow she'd made him think he'd done something wrong. Really, she wasn't embarrassed, just a little unsure of what to do next, but it wasn't as if that was his fault. As his smile faded, her expression turned apologetic and a little sheepish. "I'm sorry...I don't really know what to do next."

If she were a normal girl, maybe she would.
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Oh, good, it looked like her explanation had worked. Namine offered a small, relieved smile of her own. He'd understood, and wasn't upset about it. No, she hadn't said no, or stop, but she'd let him know when she'd had enough for the moment. The real reason behind the blushing was unknown to her at the moment, but it did seem to be tied to strong emotion of some kind.

Really, at this point, probably neither of them had a chance of being normal. That was starting to seem like less of a bad thing, though. At least they could work this out on their own terms, together.

Unfamiliarity tended to make Namine hesitate until she was sure of what she was supposed to do or wanted to do--either one. She wrinkled her nose when he kissed it, though her smile widened. "Warm."

If getting a kiss was nice...She tilted her head in thought, then leaned in to place a feather-light kiss on his cheek. Then she sat back in seat, blushing again, but smiling and looking to see what his reaction was.
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In some ways, Namine was still learning to define what made her feel "good" or "bad." They seemed like pretty general terms, and differed from person to person so much. Something like "warm" seemed more precise. In this case it was accurate, and the warmth wasn't only physical. Not that her blush was helping.

Her smile showed some of her relief when relaxed. So he hadn't been put off by her kissing him on the cheek--quite the opposite. As he moved to put his arm around her, she shifted to adjust for the change in position. This was something she was used to, and liked.

She kept her eyes on him when he leaned in closer; not wary, but curious. This was another new development. While she wouldn't call what they were doing a game, it did seem like they were playing as much as evaluating each others' reactions.

After he kissed her, her expression turned more thoughtful. While her smile didn't disappear, it wasn't quite as wide, and curiosity was much more obvious in her eyes. The way they were positioned, kissing back again would be difficult, so she'd wait to see what he did next.
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It would be odd for a Nobody to be afraid of the dark--they were more creatures of darkness than light. Despite that, Namine was glad for the dim light provided by the stars. Total darkness wasn't something she was eager for. She wouldn't ask for the light to be turned on, though; that would ruin the view of the outside, she knew enough to know that. Not to mention the fact that her mind wasn't exactly on that at the moment.

Given how things had been going, she could hazard a guess at what would happen. That didn't seem to make any difference in how her pulse sped up slightly or her flush deepened as he leaned in. She followed his movements with her eyes, not because she was wary, but out of curiosity and an attempt to take everything in, not miss anything.

So her eyes were open when he kissed her. There didn't seem to be any reason to fully close them, but as she relaxed into the embrace, she noticed they closed until they were only half-open. That was okay. She was a little busy trying to see if she could kiss back a little more easily this way.
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Being an artist and therefore visual person, Namine preferred to face most situations with eyes open, as it were. Relinquishing the chance to do that took quite a bit of trust on her part. Even half-closing her eyes said a lot about how much she trusted Riku, and towards the end of the kiss, she did close them fully and take a moment to focus on how it felt. When he pulled back, though, she opened them again to return his smile.

Given how the situation was proceeding, she guessed he might want to try again and leaned in for the second kiss. However, she hadn't guessed he'd try for a different kind of kiss...Wait, were tongues supposed to go in mouths during kissing? Not that it had felt bad, but it had been unexpected. Maybe something to try later, once they were more used to the usual kind of kissing.

When he pulled away, she didn't stop him. She simply met his apologetic smile with one of her own--one that didn't fade after he kissed her again. No need to apologize, though maybe they did need a moment to take in the step they'd just taken in their relationship. Reaching for his hand, she gave it a light squeeze. "Maybe that's enough for now?"

Because while she hadn't lost interest either, and wanted to reassure him of that, it was another step they'd taken. No need to rush things, even if it did feel good.
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With both of them new to this sort of thing, some awkwardness was to be expected. It would take more than that to put off Namine. At least he seemed reassured by the gesture. Holding hands was nice--they'd need to do that more, too.

In this instance, his movements were more of a suggestion, one she happily complied with. Sitting curled together like this was nice. If Riku wanted to do that, she was hardly going to say no.

Her own curiosity was satisfied for the moment, too, and there was still more to look forward to, later. They had time. For right now, there were also what looked like a million stars and more to see. It all seemed so vast, and she herself so small...suddenly she was grateful for Riku's closeness and anchoring presence.

When he called her attention to the light show on the world below them, she looked and gasped. "It's beautiful, but how..."
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Having been always used to staying in her own little corner, Namine had always felt as if she was observer. Not that she'd been unhappy (as much as a Nobody unaware of their developing heart could be unhappy). It had been limiting, but allowed for some feeling of security within that. She'd known her purpose, or at least the promise she had to fulfill, and as someone destined to fade back into her other, thinking of possibilities had seemed almost futile. Not that she hadn't wanted to reach out and actually she'd done her best to be content with doing what she could in her own way.

So while she'd always known in an abstract sense that she was just a little fish in large ocean (to borrow Riku's analogy), seeing evidence of that...Well. She didn't know if the feeling was fear or excitement. She suspected it was a mixture of both. What she did know was that it made her want to stay close to someone. If that someone were Riku, so much the better.

She nodded in response to his reassurance. "They're lucky, to be able to see this every day. I wonder what it looks like from the ground. Maybe one of the others will know--aren't some of them from a different Earth?"

They would definitely have to ask when they got back. Letting him take the photos in peace, she studied the movement of the lights. Trying to recreate them in a drawing from memory might be difficult, but the pictures would help, too.
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No prob!

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There were moments. Sometimes Namine did think that maybe considering herself "just" a Nobody wasn't a good thing. Those times had become more frequent since it had been confirmed she might have a heart of her own--small and still growing, but there. Freedom to see if she could find a purpose of her own would be wonderful. She wouldn't say she deserved it any more than anyone else; she'd caused her own share of harm. Given the chance (and assurance it wouldn't harm Kairi or Sora), she'd take it.

Freedom was lonely without someone to share it with, though, and she was sure to make her mistakes. If Riku was willing to join her, she'd gladly accept the support. WIngs took time to strengthen, after all.

"Hmmm..." She smiled back, but her expression was thoughtful. "I don't think it looks solid enough to be a cloud--maybe one of those really thin kinds. It would be nice if there were more colors."
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That was how hearts grew, wasn't it? By forming bonds with others, learning from their strengths and weaknesses? It was a system of give and take, just not using anything tangible. Having caused so much damage with some of her first actions, Namine was loath to hurt others. While logically she knew sometimes it couldn't, those situations were best kept to a minimum.

Most of the freedoms she wanted to try first were those many girls her age probably took for granted. They could move on from there. Had Riku not become separated from his friends to begin with, things might have turned out very differently. It was a sobering thought, and one best left for another time.

Shifting her gaze to where he'd pointed, she nodded, blushing a little at the compliment. "I think so. It's like someone's painting the whole sky..."
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To be honest, Namine's sense of right and wrong had been mostly awakened after a lot of damage had been done. Before she'd seen the toll her actions were taking on Sora and others...Well, her fear of the Organization's threats hadn't had much trouble squelching whatever conscience she'd had at the beginning. She might not have liked what she was doing, but fear had been a powerful motivator before she'd gotten somewhat used to working past it.

Not that all needed lessons had to be hard. While she certainly wouldn't force Riku to join her for every new thing she tried (though she'd want to know what he thought of how she looked in makeup after Kairi helped her put it on), his presence would always be welcome. Had he been with his friends from the beginning of his journey, he might have learned the same lessons, but with more help from his two best friends. Of course, that might also mean she and Roxas would never have come to be...

She was here now, though, enjoying time with him, though the compliment made her cheeks color slightly. Fortunately it was barely noticeable in the current light. "I don't know what kind of paint would get the effect best. Maybe watercolor..."
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Meep. I know how that goes. @_@

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One thing Namine was finding was that, sometimes, what you were feeling itself wasn't as it important as what that feeling drove you to do. Not that this was always the case, but it happened, and if those actions were bad...Well, they'd both learned of the trouble that could come of that.

That was in the past, though. Those lessons had been learned, and they were hopefully the better for it. Namine certainly didn't regret meeting any of the friends she had, either. It looked like the road ahead might be rough for a while yet, but when it got easier, there could be more of the kind of adventures normal teenagers had. He wouldn't have to wear makeup if he didn't want to, though someone (probably Kairi) would have to explain to her why.

At least they could enjoy drawing together. She tilted her head in thought at his suggestion. "That might work. Most paint doesn't let light through, but sometimes watercolor does...I could use it for the stars, too."
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My turn for internet woes now. x_x

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That was a given.

Namine knew she could never be normal. No matter how much she learned in the abstract, it wouldn't make up for having the shared experiences most normal girls did--she knew that much. It didn't mean she couldn't try to enjoy some of the same things, and try adventures that didn't involve all the worlds being in danger. Home and family were things she wanted to try at some point, if she could.

At least they both knew that Namine didn't bring up those subjects with the intent of being awkward. Well, sometimes she knew they'd be awkward, but sometimes not knowing made things more awkward...When they got home, there would be other girls to ask (eventually).

He tried, and that was the important thing. "That would be nice." A lampshade should be fairly easy to make, too.
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If nothing else, Sora's mom might take her in once she heard the whole story. Though that would be an interesting situation if it happened. They'd have to see when the time came. Namine could be so shy around people, adjusting to a family she'd just met might be difficult. If she could make it work, though, it would be worth it. Her wings were small at the moment, she didn't need much more room than Destiny Islands offered for stretching them. When she wanted to explore, she could always go with Sora and Riku to visit their friends on other worlds.

Somehow, they'd make everything work out well.

The compliment made her blush, but she reached up to take his hand. "I'd just hope I could do well on painting it."
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Yeah. ;_;

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From what Namine had seen of Sora's memories, all the people of Destiny Islands were welcoming. There were more likely to be arguments over who took her in because everyone wanted to than otherwise. There was no doubt she'd be cared for. Which was a nice problem to have, but that didn't change the fact that it would be an adjustment. At least she'd have Riku and the others there. She'd look forward to seeing anything he'd show her. Once she got her feet under her, though, she'd have to start trying to provide some ideas.

"'If at first you don't succeed...', right?" It was true, she would keep trying until she was satisfied with how a project looked. She smiled when he kissed her, then shifted to lean against him a little more comfortably, content to quietly watch the lights for a while.