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I See The Light (Active/Closed)

Characters: Namine, Riku
Content: After making up, Namine and Riku go on a date to celebrate Valentine's Day and White Day a little late.
Location: The Launch Deck and outside the ship
Time of Day: Evening
Warnings: Fluff, Mush, and Cuteness

As promised, Riku had slipped a picture under Namine's door with details. It showed himself waiting on the launch deck next to a subpod. Beside him sat a cooler and a couple art supplies, along with a clock that read "7:15." Namine was in the foreground facing the subpod, holding a bag with a wide variety of art supplies sticking out. Outside a window on the deck the sun could be seen setting on the Earth.

Of course, it wasn't quite setting yet. In orbit, sunrises and sunsets were pretty frequent, but he'd calculated out a good time of the evening to catch a sunset. The cooler and a picnic basket were already on board, too. He'd honestly thought about trying to use the food synthesizer to cook something more romantic, but he honestly had no idea what would be, let alone what she'd like to eat. Something simpler seemed like a smarter and safer idea.

He'd hoped that it was clear in the picture for her to bring her art supplies, though often their time spent together involved art or craft in some form. Or rather, Namine making art and Riku attempting to. He'd even set up a telescope next to Namine's seat so she could look out at the stars if she wanted to draw those. And luckily the seat arrangement was such that they could sit together. He'd already lifted the arm rests and stuffed some blankets between the seats to fill the gap between the pilot and copilot chairs. Riku planned to be the one driving, as it were.

For the moment, Riku sat on the steps into the subpod and waited. He propped his guitar on his knee and started to play, waiting for Namine to come. It was a little early still.

Wait, are you supposed to dress up for big dates?
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I should have guessed the song from the cut tag

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Namine had been wondering what Riku would plan for their date--it was supposed to be something they hadn't done yet. Getting the picture with some hint was a relief. She just hoped they could fit everything into the subpod; the ones that she'd seen had seemed fairly small.

All that was left to do was be ready by the appointed time. It wasn't too difficult. She was usually done working in the theatrical by then. All she had to do was pack up some of her supplies after she'd clean up and head for the launch deck. No special outfit today.

Even if he hadn't indicated any supplies in the picture, she probably would have brought some. They usually ended up doing something of that nature when they got together, so it was best to be prepared. Not that just spending time together wasn't fun, but tradition was tradition.

She made good time, and was there maybe a minute or two early. Indicating he shouldn't stop playing on her account, she went to sit by him until he finished the song.