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Twenty-seventh Link

Characters: Namine, Iron Liz
Content: Namine has some questions for Liz
Location: Liz's room
Time of Day: Not long after Ammy pulled the lever to end the "raised by wolves" effect.
Warnings: Could possibly end up as a version of The Talk.

Normally, Namine didn't like to bother people with her troubles. Explaining herself wasn't always easy--she had trouble with words--and she didn't like to be a burden. Helping was so much nicer.

This was the second time Riku had acted oddly about being alone in one of their rooms, though, and if she was going to understand she needed to know why. The books on the media deck didn't seem to be much help, and he'd told her to ask one of the other girls, anyway.

So here she was, knocking at Liz's door, hoping her friend was home.
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Liz hadn't been doing much, just lazing around her room in her pajamas with a copy of Eye of Argon she found in the media deck. She'd left the door locked after the whole wolf thing, so when she heard the knock she set the book aside and shuffled over to the door. Opening it, she looked down to see Namine. Well this was a rare occasion.

"Hey, kiddo, what's up?"